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2012, Fudan University graduates Wu Heng set up a "rumors research center", to teach users to identify mental garbage, in fact, the reporter learned that he established the public website "throw out the window" concern about food safety issues, "rumors research" more famous than he, in the food safety map of the web site production, provides "diet reference" for many people, causing many users sought.

recently, Wu Heng published a Book of the same name in the online heat transfer, the original and in-depth display of nearly ten years of China’s food safety problems. The 80 young man, has a simple dream, he said, is concerned about food safety issues, is because I want to do something, let more people know the poisonous food, after the alert.

website "poison food center, which can retrieve the" map "

open the "throw out the window" website, the top of the page there continue to jump the slogan "in the face of food safety crisis, you should have the attitude", in Wu Hengxin’s book, which symbolizes the original intention of the discourse, the same important problem in the first place. This is a website for the public to understand food safety, but also a news database, can be called toxic food Wikipedia".

on the site’s home page, "China’s food safety situation map" shows from 2004 to 2012 food safety survey. The food safety map by the administrative area is divided into 34 parts, according to the province included food safety incidents around the media reported, "poison food confluence", each of which can be classified reading. Click on the map of Jiangsu, you can see the media has been exposed to unsafe food categories: vegetables, fruits, meat products, soy products, oil and other food, vegetables from the click in, the problems found in the food with lentils and celery. Through the link, you will be able to read the link to the bean.

in this map query page, in addition to graphic display, as well as a variety of hyperlinks. Select specific areas, you can directly read the news about food safety in the region, these news in chronological order.


food poisoning exposure confluence, as a powerful database, more comprehensive display of food safety crisis appeared. Reporters saw this map as an index, can provide food safety issues in the region, the name of the food query, keyword inquiries. "Map" keyword search and food word searches, the long list of shocking, no wonder in micro-blog, netizens have said, look at this map, I feel I am not myself. "Previously seen negative news of food is one-sided, fragmented, on this site, you can systematically see."

this site, users can download statistics data, material. This is a small and humble site, won the 2013 ninth voice of Germany international blog contest Global Media Forum award nomination.

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