A NetEase called beta advertising alliance webmaster prospects

news July 6th, NetEase announced that a search, the company has launched the online advertising alliance, is currently part of the site and the joint test.

it is understood that, in the process, a NetEase advertising alliance with Baidu, Google advertising alliance is not the difference between, users can register, add the site, put in the code, through the audit, gain five to join NetEase Youdao advertising alliance.


NetEase said the league is still in beta stage, the webmaster to join must first get an invitation code. At present, there have been a number of websites with the joint test work is expected to be officially opened soon.

part of the station that the NetEase launched a low-key Youdao alliance is to replace the original NetEase alliance, the prospect of There’s no telling.

, according to some webmaster introduction, at present, most sites are joined Baidu, Google two alliances. NetEase Youdao alliance in order to succeed, you have to be innovative, to let the owners to make money, rather than earn the webmaster flow". (end)

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