Mobile 4G tariff comparison 50 yuan package you can afford to use up to 6 seconds


mobile 4G package: comparison of grass root can’t afford to use


announced the introduction of 4G version of iPhone while China Mobile, recent media reports that "users Tucao 4G tariff is too expensive, 50 yuan package 6 seconds out, however, Guangdong mobile and Beijing Mobile has launched a new 4G mobile phone packages, is thought to reduce the tariff price. Then, the Beijing mobile and Guangdong mobile 4G packages to do comparison, it may be seen from the trend of 4G tariffs, including ordinary people can afford 4G packages.

4G mobile packages starting price is generally more than 128 yuan file

entered the 4G era, for the China Mobile 4G is currently showing different views of praise or blame, even announced the introduction of iPhone, also caused users still doubts, this is mainly because the tariff and signal coverage.


, in terms of tariffs, China Mobile has launched 4G in some provinces and cities, there are several different 4G packages, Beijing mobile, for example, the 4G package is 138 yuan respectively, 238 yuan, 338 yuan package, 138 yuan package contains 600M traffic, 500 minutes phone, not too, it is reported that the the company has recently 4G package and data flow of 50 yuan package upgrade: until the end of March next year, to the operating room for the package, in addition to 600M traffic, will also receive an additional gift of 1G data flow, that is to say, the data flow of 50 yuan monthly data packets using 1.6G, the preferential throughout the next year;

Guangdong mobile 4G packages have recently lowered the tariff, but to maintain the classification of global 3G packages, respectively 128 yuan, 158 yuan, 188 yuan, 288 yuan, 388 yuan, 588 yuan, 888 yuan seven tranches combination packages, of which 128 yuan package contains 2.4G traffic and 420 minutes on the phone. Based on the number of minutes constant, increase the number of 4G traffic.

, Beijing mobile 4G package flow than Guangdong mobile or less, but the Guangdong mobile 4G package with Beijing mobile 4G packages, the lowest 128 yuan or 138 yuan files to start, we said the grass root 4G difficult to afford. Moreover, the highest level of Guangdong mobile packages up to 888 yuan per month minimum consumption, it is doubtful whether such 4G users are personally applicable, what kind of people are willing to commit to a minimum consumption of $888.

in addition, according to the survey, Xiamen mobile is also 4G mobile phone package 138 yuan start, the package containing the 600M package, if you compare the China Telecom enjoy 3G package you will find that the China Telecom enjoy 129 yuan file 3G package contains Internet traffic rates is 600M. Therefore, such a 4G mobile phone package is not much cheaper than the telecommunications 3G mobile phone packages.

in addition, Guangdong mobile also provides that 4G package can enjoy no more than 4 Terminal Traffic Sharing Service >

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