The new filing system on line personal website will welcome a immigrants tide

in June 10th this year, the Ministry issued a "notice" "the Ministry of industry and information technology on the site for the record management system upgrade, announced the launch of three record management service mode. According to internal sources, said the Ministry of industry and information technology has been gradually changing the three systems, namely: ministerial level, provincial level, enterprise level, level three system. In July 5th before the authority does not accept any website information submitted for the record, in July 5th after the website registration information submitted will be reported at the same time, will have to fill in the verification of the authenticity of the single and official photos. It is understood that the latter will be set up in the vicinity of the authorized camera point, the nearest photo. Xinwanghulian new record support system has been officially launched in June 20th, with the relevant departments to implement the site record information authenticity verification work. And various provinces and cities have also begun to issue a new notice for the record, so that the majority of the webmaster ready.

new system upgrade time for June 19, 2010 18 to 24 on July 25, 2010. In the meantime, the original site record management system ( to stop receiving new website filing business, providing only system query services. Since June 20th, the new site for the record of the site sponsor, through the new system ( for the site for the record business. June 20th to July 5th, the suspension of the application for web site filing changes. The record change upgrade in addition to submit truthful information, and access to the site’s verification procedures for photographs. The biggest change is to submit the record at the same time must choose the type of site, the type of choice for a total of 20 categories. It includes 20 categories, search engines, web portal, post office, network news and blog / personal space, network software and download, online dating and matchmaking / WAP etc.. There have been access service companies suggest that it is best not to choose online education, online games, online payment, online music and other types, because these require special filing. For the application of the special conditions and harsh conditions for the record, I believe that the individual webmaster is self-evident.

obviously, the upgrade new filing system, access to more responsibility, it also allows for agency industry to the end. Access to the information directly responsible for the authenticity of the record, will improve the authenticity of the authenticity of the regulatory information and effectiveness. This is also to a certain extent, to bring more personal webmaster trouble. First of all, the new filing system rushed on the line, the original has been criticized by the owners of the filing system user experience bad defects in the new system has not been much change. AdSense for the record, fill in a variety of information, the user experience is not good for the impact of efficiency is extremely serious. Secondly, it is the camera, web access provider network at the same as, there are various city, many owners need to travel abroad for fatigued by a long journey to stop taking pictures for the record, the rising cost of individual owners, can be said to be spending a small fortune, it is snow and frost. In addition, there is a point in the site before the record, the user will not

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