Google adjusted since 90s has been used in the search page design remove underline

sina science and technology news Beijing time on March 14th afternoon news, Google this week on the search engine has been adjusted to remove an important design element since the 90s: underline.

in order to make the search results page is more relaxed, Google increased the search results of the font size, the row height adjustment, and most importantly, remove the underline. Wiley, chief designer of Google search, ·, Wiley (Jon) on the Google+, said: this improved readability, while bringing a more refreshing appearance."

this new design will make the web version of Google search is more similar to last year’s launch of the mobile version of Google search.

on the Twitter, users of the evaluation of the new design is mixed. Some users do not like underline, and that the new design makes the interface more refreshing. While others miss the old design for many years.

, for example, a user named Dave · (Dave Mora), said the link will miss the blue underlined in the. And another called Jason · Jason (Tan) users believe that the birth of the world wide web in 25 years, the removal of the highlights of the new standard, it is regrettable. However, Adrian (Robson ·), said the user, Google (Adrian), said the search results from the removal of the underline, now looks better.

U.S. technology blog The Verge believes that Google’s new logo marks the end of an era. In the past, many web developers are accustomed to using underscores to highlight links. For example, Geocities, Altavista and and other sites have adopted this approach. (Zhang Fan)

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