China 5G commercial or start in 2020

Nanfang Daily News (trainee reporter / Wang Weikai) on September 28th, the Fifth China EU economic and trade high-level dialogue held in Beijing, the topic of the 5G once again aroused heated debate in the industry. Reporters learned from the meeting, China’s efforts to start in 2020 5G network business, and with the EU signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the field of 5G mobile network. The meeting once again stressed the 2020 launch of the 5G network commercial goal, no doubt will once again promote the development of 5G technology.

Chinese Information Communication Institute of communication standards research institute director Wang Zhiqin recently told the media on the 5G Chinese time table of 2016 ready to start 5G, is expected in 2018 the first version of the standard will be completed, and then according to the product maturity, determine the start time of commercial applications around 2020.

according to Professor Shu Huaying Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, according to the current pace of development, in 2020 5G is entirely possible to achieve commercial.

it is understood that the 5G needs to have higher performance than 4G, support 0.1 1Gbps of the rate of the user experience, the number of connections per square kilometer density of 1 million milliseconds, the end-to-end delay, tens of Tbps per square kilometer traffic density, peak rate mobility over 500Km per hour and 10 Gbps.

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