Tencent nc freeze exception QQ temporarily closed 198 QQ number

198 QQ Liang

his hand was all changed the password, users can not log in, Xiao Chengchao recently suffered last year in the network rumors of "lost," incident.

said he suspected Tencent Inc to be sold again to obtain benefits, the recovery of these secret number. Yesterday, the Tencent Inc headquarters in Shenzhen said in a statement, they found that the number has frequent change password, unauthorized trading phenomenon, so the account will be frozen, the original purchase people can submit proof and complaint procedures to retrieve the number.

batch number

users claiming loss of 60 thousand yuan

Xiao Chengchao said that since the beginning of August 2007, he continued in the official website of Tencent with 5 to 9 Q coins to buy a QQ number, a total of more than 200, converted into real money. Each number in the cost of 100 yuan to 800 yuan, and each QQ Liang are required to buy membership, "in order to keep these. I spent a total of 60 thousand yuan".

in April 1st this year, Xiao Chengchao suddenly found himself with 198 QQ number password is changed, and the password protection procedures are to be upgraded to the 2 generation, password protection has been falsified, he cannot pass through the password protection procedures to retrieve the password.

Xiao Chengchao said that in April 2008, the country has a large number of users have posted their own QQ number stolen, a time to lose the door incident became a hot topic in the network. In the event he had lost a few numbers, but not retained in the official website to buy the screenshots and other evidence, "had to eat yabakui". After the loss, Xiao Chengchao after the purchase of the transaction record to retain the screenshot, and in a book to write down the purchase time, passwords, etc..

he said that their computer has not saved write numbers, passwords and other information files, hackers could not pass Trojan informed of the password hacking, "I lost last year, now is not in use, is definitely not a hacker stole the resale". In addition, Xiao Chengchao and many users suffered the same – the number of missing registration age were changed to 25 years old, how can a hacker steal so many".

store number

The owner of the

intention of reselling

yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw the purchase of QQ Liang trading records from the Tencent official website screenshot in Xiao Chengchao’s computer.

Xiao Chengchao said he has repeatedly applied to the Tencent Inc to retrieve the number, but failed, "I do not know why".

he admitted that a big reason is to buy their own QQ Liang privately reselling, "now these have been able to sell about 100000 yuan". He suspected that the Tencent Inc to prohibit private sale by the number number recovery sales again, "but I just buy the number is, if not let me in, can’t let me continue to employ".

at present, Xiao Chengchao has been on the issue of QQ number to report to the Liuliqiao police station.

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