1 billion of the investment in the education sector just YY bait


education industry known as pent up "/" yesterday afternoon (February 25th) finally reveal the true colors: released a spent $950 thousand to buy the independent domain name, will be announced in two segments of IELTS and TOEFL with "top teacher" as the landing point. Of course, it is also the way to inform the industry inside and outside, we will use 1 billion free + subsidy strategy to engage in online education". About YY is how to enumerate their technical superiority in the conference, online education is the topic of education how to subvert the line of such a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the media will be described in detail the manuscript, mustard Jun will not repeat them here, let us change the posture to interpret YY education gameplay and routine:

most of the two points of concern

1, a clear-cut famous slogan, the truth is cruel.

called "masters" of this card is not surprising, online recently there is a chi class network, but behind these "masters" brand are partial to the traditional routine, YY seems routine is also in the tradition, many people will doubt: not that you use teacher effect to attract students? This is what we have always done. If you are a person in charge of traditional institutions, if you think so, then you should be responsible to tell you: you are wrong, wrong is very outrageous. YY teacher card not to be afraid, but it added free + subsidies made up the threat, but it is not a thing, what is more, in the back, in it to reveal all the details of cooperation agencies: YY improvement tools and platform services, pay their own drainage and enrollment. The output of teachers, so that teachers and students in the YY platform to complete lectures, live, Q & A, learning and other online learning. But there are several key issues to be addressed:

1) the teacher come from? YY is not hard to dig their own masters over, YY has taken the way of cooperation and institutions, but this is the case, may have to YY agencies to ensure that the minimum number of classes, the amount of subsidy interval, even strengthen the after class curriculum continued class rate……

2) revenue sharing can be? YY on the platform of IELTS and TOEFL courses, divided into several links: the first link is "intensive", taught by top teachers, YY clearly abandoned the "3 billion markets", TOEFL and IELTS intensive class not only permanent free, even the students to the teacher brush this kind of income to the teacher flowers props all, the first charge node YY not only lose still lose money; the second step is "difference after intensive curriculum" (teaching, students from the teacher by ordinary intensive introduction), the strong possibility that YY will abandon from pumping into. So the second course fee node YY is still not. As for the tool charges (download YY spend money), service charges (Q & A, etc.) these are not currently in the YY profit node. We take a look at the parties involved: with its cooperation with the agency side, they do not recruit students, the output of the teacher to the YY, and then through their own value-added services, such as the realization of the benefits of teaching materials (such as Lang broadcast network)

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