Some rules and changes in the activities of the site Bao Bao

Adsense nets grab treasure activities carried out 3 days, by the majority of webmaster like, has won three people. We will continue for six months, or even more a year, so that the opportunity will always bring unexpected harvest.The change in

1: time to change from 10:00-14:00 to 0:00-24:00    unlimited time   so that more owners have the opportunity to see hope. Get more involved in the alliance or advertisers earn eyeballs.

2: general rule reference: Tid=32445& extra=page%3D1 Tid=33493& extra=page%3D1

3: within the specified time, we insert ad pictures. That’s not to say we put the ads in the news. News is limited to the day, may be in any news 0.00-24:00

4: techniques revealed: the news of the day through 

5: Tips: quick registration, you can register your user name, after seeing the picture, immediately click the picture link directly after the release. How to make sure you were the first to see the picture. You click on the last page of the forum post. Http:// Tid=32445& extra=page%3D1    look at the day before you, there is no release.

6: come early, as the clever, this site does not encourage people to grab the treasure and constantly refresh the page, you just look at the news, in a calm mood of waiting, there is always your luck day. We will try our best to keep this activity. This allows the webmaster, the alliance and everyone benefits.

7: this site to ensure that the baby’s treasure and put all the baby pictures posted by the king of the king. Within the company, the moderator shall participate in all, each time the results we will see the ID information, welcome to report suspected of cheating.

8: welcome to the alliance, IDC, Adsense related advertisers, put the baby, to bring more information to the owners, but also bring luck.

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