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do hospital network marketing friends know, if you pay attention to SEO, then there will be a bottleneck, can not continue to open up the market. How do we go further,


a, ppc

is paid advertising, Baidu bidding, Google Adwords, no matter how much you do optimization, PPC is a must. PPC in a lot of tricky, if there is no experience, will it burn, the effect is not good. For example: your internal

capacity alliance is closed, whether the patient has been consulted?.

two, outside the station cooperation

station outside the main cooperation and advertising.

said here mainly advertising, advertising can be divided into: 1, web advertising (GIF, flash, JSP), 2, 3 text ads, popups, customer service. Of course there are some rich media ads, pop-up ads and so on.

1, in this is not recommended to do floating ads, floating ads easily filtered, can not fight not to fight, and Flash format may not be compatible with some of the plug.

2, recommended service window, interactive advertising pictures no popups if good customer service, image advertising, best to attract eyeballs and dynamic GIF banner, click. To achieve the effect of brand promotion.

3, text ads are not recommended, if you want to do the best to buy content advertising. Many hospitals have chosen a large flow of home page or channel page outside the station, traffic is there, but the customer is very low, with the content page, The loss outweighs the gain., traffic is relatively small, but the user precise.

three, the station outside the cooperative object

choose the best choice of the station outside the high weight of the portal site, it is best to detail page, outside the station to promote the conversion rate from high to low is the content page > channel page > home page.

If the room

JS code, there is no doubt that we are the best choice to put customer service and the code window

reminder: for a general hospital, the most important is the hospital brand influence. Humane medical services is the core competitiveness of private medical, can do the senior medical service estimated a few, most are short-lived business, this is all private hospitals exposed fatal shortcomings, resulting in nominal damage, finally closing.

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