Small days of science and technology to complete the Pre A round of financing to create the lifestyl

"small day technology" from Guangzhou natural network technology completed the Pre-A round of financing, did not disclose the specific amount of financing. Prior to this, small day technology won the fashion media group’s 10 million yuan Angel round of investment.

had 36 Kr carried a report on "life science". "Small days of science and technology" is a platform for the discovery of local life, literary and artistic feelings as a foothold in the product, to recommend some of the places of literature and art, such as cafes, Livehouse, theater, oil painting classes, arts and crafts shop, etc.. The last week of 2015, "life" and "lazy weekend" officially announced the merger.

natural network’s, 8684 bus, 8684 metro, 8684 district and many other traffic entrance, is the whole platform daily traffic over one million. After this round of financing, happy network will provide traffic entrance as "lazy weekend", "8684 days a small team took over the bus and renamed the" 86 life "". And earlier this year launched a "leisure" App, "xiaorizi technology" constitutes a "life", "lazy weekend" and "leisure" and "86 life" lifestyle product matrix.

founder Wang Qing introduction, the future will be through the passenger price and transaction scenarios distinguish products. "86 life" and "lazy weekend" service to the user scale. "Lazy weekend" recommended activities to a single experience, in addition to music, drama, exhibitions, including shopping, delicacy and tour around, the price in 100 to 200 yuan; compared to the "lazy weekend" interest oriented, "86 life" is geographically oriented, the scene is more accurate "leisure"; located in Pyramid at the top of the user, the main push in the high-end lifestyle, the recommended curriculum more systematic, customer price at around 500 yuan.


in terms of product supply, 40% of the business platform for the team to expand, and for the initiative to submit their own businesses to apply for the 60%. When asked why you do not choose to share the concept of everyone is the experience of the concept of recommended products, Wang Qing said, to do the lifestyle platform, quality control is essential. Life style is more of a sense of things, the pursuit of the way of life is the pursuit of high quality experience. For users, it takes time and money to get a controllable lifestyle experience. Therefore, the quality of upstream supply must have a high demand. February 20th, located in the P2P personalized service trading platform hall guest announced that due to the lack of sustained user growth, will stop the operation and transformation of artificial intelligence. In a sense, it may also prove that sharing is not feasible in china.

in order to enhance the richness of product supply and content, small day technology program launched a creative brand incubator space, to help small businesses lifestyle stores. This year is expected to build 50 brands, each merchant will be supported by the value of 10-20 million in cash and resources. Wang Qing believes lifestyle products

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