Mobile nternet era systematic marketing model matching strategy

network marketing way too much, but for it a few, can show different strength in different stages, enterprises now patronize money, but ignore the truth. Actually do the integrated marketing system has been on the OK, so you can chew, master is the right way.

Sophia before going to find my wardrobe do SEO I found in the process of diagnosis, hundreds of millions of advertising costs to the top of it, even the most basic site layout, improve the conversion rate and the WeChat marketing do not know refinement, which people have doubts about its marketing problems, zombie zombie website, WeChat. This shows that there is the same problem of small enterprises, there are still large enterprises.

in fact, the actual use of existing resources and good marketing tools, the complexity of the simple things, simple things systematization, the process of things in the system has everything in control and professional attitude.

on the other hand, mobile internet marketing, the rise of new marketing, from the development mode of the original transaction cold for the brand marketing rise to today’s economic fans can see, between the firm and customer emotional temperature trend is very obvious, so emotional, personality is more entrepreneurs pursue the trend, this is heavy priority.

on this basis, how to get a good mobile internet marketing system?

I choose several kinds of marketing methods that I think may be useful to integrate: search engine marketing, soft media marketing, WeChat marketing, resource integration marketing:

network marketing three stages: customer lifetime value to clinch a deal to catch potential, in accordance with the importance of the three stages I have row out. The reason is that there is no good back-end, and then the flow is also a good waste; since it is so difficult to get customers, why not have a customer turnover has been a friend?

such as millet, fans need what they offer what, play hard and have buddy, the lifetime value of exhausted fans, let you easily become the GREE deal, much envy go


so the lifetime value must pay attention to the use of database, fix has of customer transactions than the re development of new customers is much simpler, this step, WeChat can be a good database tool, feelings grow continuously, with interactive activities and provide value to fix your buddies relationship with customers. A lot of people do WeChat marketing, or no interaction, or no value, is a waste of energy, customers want to stay you do not give it a reason to stay, how can become


to do the transaction, the minimum value of the package, the establishment of the trust, and let the user provide good deal proposal cannot refuse must be prepared, many people do not care about customer service, customer service are not even the most basic respect for the customer, it is the door of company and customer contact, people are emotional animal that good feeling, more likely to let others look back.

caught in the eyes of the potential ordinary people is the flow of access, the source of new customers. Since it costs so much

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