Kun Peng Theory really want to play the new lease financing lease to play a new game today


this time there is news that drops travel in March this year by Hongkong subsidiary kuaifu Holdings Limited "to set up a wholly owned subsidiary of the rich financial leasing in Shanghai free trade zone (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., registered capital of 1 billion yuan, the move marks, drops is involved in auto finance field, rich business ecosystem.

a, what is the financial leasing it?

said the original Kun Peng Peng also do not know the term, and then listen to a financial predecessors to the general and a little, after listening to simply stunned, can only sigh financial will play!

below to grab a grilled financial leasing history and knowledge of it!

leasing equipment leasing (also known as Equipment Leasing) or (Modern Leasing), modern lease is simple, rental direction third to buy equipment leased to the lessee rent, not the burden of the quality of the equipment damage liability. Fixed charge. So that the lessee can solve the problem of the lack of money to buy equipment to reduce production capacity, but also to protect the income of the lessor, but also do not have to worry about money will be lost. It’s a very good deal for both parties.

modern finance lease began in 1950s, in 1952 the establishment of the u.s.. The United States is a leasing company according to the company’s first general manager Henry · experience and ideas of Syria feld founder, he worked in California a small food factory, because there is no money to upgrade with a small lift truck, it uses a long-term lease, with a $125 monthly price reached an agreement with the broker. With his entrepreneurial foresight, according to the experience and puts forward some ideas of establishing the leasing company, and won the support of the local chamber of Commerce, created the first professional leasing company – American leasing company, specializing in long-term equipment leasing business, the first business is to use $500 thousand of loans in accordance with the designated bank of America bought the local chamber of commerce the chamber of Commerce needed equipment, opening up a new era of leasing industry.


for a simple Chestnut:

you need a car, but you don’t have the money to buy the car at once. You see I have a lot of money do not, then you and I signed the contract for financial leasing, so I bought a car, and then leased to you. You only need to give me the rent, you can use the car. After the expiry of the lease we have agreed in advance, good words, generally you just press the car to salvage money can get it. If there is no agreement, then the car will belong to me.

in fact, financial leasing has been happening around us, there are common medical equipment, such as:

many small hospitals do not have the perfect medical equipment, so some people see that there is a business, buy some medical equipment, >

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