How to make better use of e mail group to promote the effect of promotion

recently, Groupon group purchase website based on mode in domestic such as the spring breeze blowing through the river in South Africa, the Great Wall, in some places, overnight can take out a dozen group purchase website, I am in a statistics, to date, the group purchase website has more than 1500, in some places especially first-tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, these regions each region more than 50 group purchase website, a so-called hundred regiments with vigour and vitality.

used group purchase are very clear, the function for group purchase website email how important, group purchase website by e-mail, and the closer the distance between the consumer, and e-mail has become one of the best marketing Fang Gong, group purchase website every day will be the group purchase email content by users. In this way, can accumulate more loyal users and improve the popularity of the website for their own website. As can be seen in the promotion and marketing of e-mail

in particular, the role of e-commerce sites increasingly obvious. Therefore, specially take a is to discuss how to use e-mail better for business marketing, in the promotion of enterprise brand, not like the past, by the user as spam, so, not only can not play the role of brand promotion, but the brand is certain negative effect. Therefore, the use of good skills, so that more users to produce a two purchase behavior.

text: e-mail according to its user source, divided into two kinds, one is a licensed user, another seed is not licensed users. The User License refers to the user when registering your website and fill out his personal email, and agree to your website’s agreement, agree that you send him an e-mail when necessary, the user is in the voluntary, you sent him was he permitted, so called user license. The other is a class of non licensed users, usually in order to facilitate our marketing, need to collect a netizen’s e-mail account, possibly by tools or to third party purchase form of millions of users of e-mail account, there is no relationship between the original and our users, we send mail to them in advance is not after they permit, which is also called the licensing users. So, our users and the license for permission to write email strategies and methods have different, so as to achieve the higher rate and conversion rate, you think about it, if every day sending 1 million messages, the arrival rate of only ten thousand letters, and many users almost no open, or open after deleting it the effect of marketing, is playing a discount. So, when we use the bulk mail, first of all, the first problem is the message format and content.

message format, title and content: the mail must be beautiful and beautiful, but can try to pull into the distance with the user, for example, if my name is Li four, then mail up: Dear Li Si so users look more comfortable, can increase his affection of the mail, which may be careful reading go on. If >

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