Promotion tips quickly let your forum become popular

how to make the forum more fire? Promotion about the website forum, believe that the webmaster can see a lot of it, but you have to ask yourself about "people", "what people need".

Two days before the

in the search alone forum, see a section of the people in the discussion of this issue, they are very positive to tell their own idea, after reading it, only one idea: you don’t know these are


but do you do not! Of course there is certainly, but ask yourself "seriously? To?", I asked myself to do, here is I from the Sohu forums sorted out, not my own writing, interested to see, no interest will pass by. Every day in a special card post, add. Submortgage Baofa gift.

replies to a rational. Full 100 post to send a gift, send back more than. Monthly statistics. A rob building do what. I am blunt of the plate to the marketing, I believe that many new is little, can discover some Zhanpai, send some Za salesman side the inner post to believe there is a resonance, will be very lively should be more interactive, let everyone involved, become friends encourage everyone to write posts, more essence. As long as there is some forum reports essence, first gathered popularity of many people, what is natural to me as a forum for fire, campus forum moderator identity remind, eleven popular forum must have the attraction. So how to attract so many pages? Why this deserted, need to think calmly! No new ideas, no new topic, no new edition, all of this is a key, no moderator…… A bunch of questions, please consider.

personal advice:

1 development heroes list. A week of statistical time, posting up a prize; or the most recommended essence of the article a prize, a prize for the most replies.

2 a week to carry out an activity to your weapon. Like to win in the Chinese, find a case analysis of how to let everyone do better, thinking the answer is not restricted, the establishment of a best creative award award program, humor, ISO Sitian lottery etc..

3 best contribution list. Set up such a plate, let everyone think good stories or articles posted here, and tell the meaning of the story or article, then give some incentives, and can be assembled to the community based recommendation promotion, can raise a slogan: do community "reader", is called wisdom every day……

4 users collect special post, that is, to promote QQ group or other forums, according to its number and effect to give a certain reward.

5 do a QQ group, members must be like marketing and community members, common exchanges, benefit by mutual discussion progress.

I think it should be: to be more professional, for learning to use. Let the water more carefree, vent the hearts of some emotion. Let the happier. To be here

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