Sun Jingwei incredible QQ actually can play integrated marketing promotion

you as long as 80 people are not on the QQ chat software is a cold, especially I removed from the Internet to do website promotion and Internet marketing producers. To often deal with QQ, with the huge user groups and high-quality users QQ users continue to increase, QQ a variety of applications we push the real integrated use of?

had seen such a sentence on the Internet: "the best Internet marketer you can put Baidu encyclopedia, know, Post Bar, library, side, library, experience, space and a series of products with good, with ripe, you can become a master of the semi network promotion". This sentence I want to use the same [on QQ, QQ chat, friend impression, QQ signature, QQ data, QQ expression, QQ bottle, QQ logs, QQ album, QQ space to share and so on a series of applications QQ], if you can have a good user experience and word of mouth you are half of the promotion of master. Today is mainly about the QQ hodgepodge of eighteen Wu Yi show:

1, QQ a variety of message mass

QQ promotion in your webmaster the most common method: a variety of mass QQ chat function to promote. The main target: "QQ friends" and "QQ group". QQ friends, QQ mass specific promotional information, this method with good results, if their link information in a short period of time, IP traffic will rise, should say in this time period traffic will rise. If your ad is a target group (a technical term called "precision marketing"), it’s easy to bring customers. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages of this approach, if you do not target the information needs of the group easily lead to resentment of others (directly into the small ads into the ranks of the great loss of the brand effect. Personal information may pull you black (tested this method is very inefficient, waste of manpower and time). ), send group messages you could face playing Doom (which is a homely food


advice: the use of this promotion should pay attention to the two points, one is to accurately determine the target group, the two is cleverly constructed advertising language, attention should be paid to the promotion degree.

2, QQ friends impression


QQ friend impression network promotion is a voluntary, promotion is absolutely selfish but not the blood of martial arts cheats, but it also has a disadvantage ewww. We try to get some creative advertising words written to the impression of others (if the ad creative will reduce the advertisement offensive to a certain extent), the advertisement will be all he QQ inside to see if the person QQ, there are a lot of friends and classmates words (terminology called "two degrees contacts, we do not know can Baidu, no longer here to say, the advertisement narrative) will make him QQ friends to see. If the person has a lot of friends, the value of advertising is self-evident

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