Promotion is a kind of soft power is a kind of direction

for a long time did not write articles, writing in a soft, pain and joy do I write about domain name, enter the market is already a long time ago, say long is not long, say short also has more than 2 years. I will devote myself to the statement today, I talk about the gain and loss, and common progress, said the wrong place please criticism.

has a big VAT, impatient people don’t fit into, not much money does not fit into, no strength also don’t go in, if only their own love, want to buy a m do stand or give, no work force people into the heart can be appropriately. I am a more urgent, the original idea was to buy a domain name on their website, people think grimace, registered a, now look at this domain name I still love me, I like music, but for various reasons, the station difficult to maintain. Later, the rise of SNS, and registered a Imitation, now the idle, if love can be transferred to a friend in need. At this time, I was in a rational period. Later, know the name, domain name investment that is also a good choice, beginning of the day and night, waiting in the "auction, the day took more than and 400 dollars, then the brain began to feel fever, which is good, want to shoot, shoot down or very happy. But look at the hold up the wallet, I feel regret, because they are not Cai Wensheng, a small grassroots can not afford to turn the waves. I hate to sell my domain. Here to tell you, we must exercise restraint, timely restraint of their own, do not be too impulsive, impulse is the devil ah. During this period, I have been wandering in the domain name transactions between sites, I have always told myself to exercise restraint, etc. after the sell buy new, but is out of control, can not help but want to buy, and invested several times, made less than 1 thousand yuan. But I still haven’t sold one. Sell domain name by promotion, by strength, by reputation. These are the people who want to tell you to pay attention to the idea, consider a good re investment. There are risks in the market, investment need to be cautious!

in addition, the investment domain to have time, I usually busy, busy, wait to have time, to look at the name, have found that some buyers ask, also not easy, just ran aground, but also learn to stand post, then re issued. There is another aspect, we should always look at their domain name. Don’t delay it! Have a very painful teaching period, there are several missed domain name renewals, to delete. friend to me, forget to delete the renewals, wasted investment., this is also forget a renewal, there is also a 3 miscellaneous, this took hundreds of fast money to shoot down, delete. It is a pity, not hundreds, have no money outside the small grass, eating for several months Steamed Buns pickles out of the money lost.

this will involve to make a problem, must have financial strength, if you want to make a fortune, have a lot of money, because a number of domain name renewal, is not a small overhead, like, because when money is tight, not too much money.

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