The promotion of the Xi’an Forum

a young man with a taste of Shaanxi: no matter the wind and rain, whether it is on weekends or holidays, where there are many people, there is his bike. Every day in the streets of the city, there are his mobile banners. There is no story, no success, relying on a drop of sweat, water collection of the site – Xi’an forum. Even in today’s society, the local portal site, but he chose to do a regional nature of the portal site.

he is an ordinary webmaster. Perhaps the technology, the theory of promotion is much less than me, but I admire, admire his persistence. The Xi’an forum, in his various traditional mode of promotion, at the sidelines, in all sob, he walked 1 and a half years. With the cheapest mobile advertising. By the start empty-handed, do not know the network, made in Shaanxi, Xi’an region’s most famous nature of the real web portal. One of the pay, which is the experience, we do a lot of new professional website reference and worth learning from.

I know him, it’s at the crossroads at the door. Some time ago, after crossing the red light inadvertently discovered the corner of the four corners of the trash are beautified into a color version of the. I approached curiously. Xi’an forum, a very big word. Who is so smart, pick up such a cheap position to promote. I also do the occupation sensitive so I really want to get to know the webmaster, with a few local webmaster talked about him, talk about the above story. Xi’an forum webmaster fire, 20 years old. Well, I have a word with his name. "Fire" is the most common and favorite ID in the Internet world, and users are used to calling him so. He had done the entry of information clerks in the Department, was honest Frank speak more forthright with him about the website directly, he thought, straightforward: the network is a tool, the website is used to make money, site traffic does not make money there are no longer any practical use. He spoke with time, the story of the bike he said, 2 years ago, just off the resignation of the time, with the network vision, decided to invest in the network, after buying the server program, also There is not much left. In order to flow, he had to take a ridicule through the eyes of many acquaintances went all propaganda. With their own pace, with a broken bike to promote their own website, in the sea network step by step forward. In a year’s time. His website has grown rapidly to more than 30 thousand users, online per day for 4000 people. As a regional nature of the portal, such a result can be proud of.

McCain promoted, some words made me a lot of light feeling: the promotion can not consider the face, no traffic, not to earn money, is really no face. Can’t face to show in the coming flow, everyone will, promotion methods commonly used, lazy promotion methods can be successful, the era of the past, now many websites to the site of the site is more than. If every website wants to make money, every website wants to be successful. Don’t try to do

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