The 5 most influential algorithms for ranking


algorithm is not very profound, and each algorithm has different engineers in charge, we do not need to study so deeply, the 5 Chongqing SEO Ceng Xiaolong said today’s algorithm is a very big impact on the ranking, here to introduce these 5 algorithms to influence ranking is very big the.

voting algorithm

search engine 04 years ago there is no voting algorithm, the most primitive is the matching algorithm. In fact, everyone is a search engine, that is Baidu search, the first prototype is search, in 2000 -2004 is matching algorithm relying on Baidu, through the keyword, absolutely can row in front of others. The search engine why launched the voting algorithm? This is the evaluation of others on the site, the chain is what we’re doing now, but the core value lies in the voting algorithm recommended voting algorithm this link, just launched is to what level it is decided to vote? The number of links, in this case, we to cheat, and the number can also use the software to brush, then the "scholar friends" is a very popular brush chain software, but can not do that now, the software began to decline.

Baidu launched last year, Scindapsus algorithm 1 and 2 are on the link, many links have been done, such as forum and blog, personal signature, and now these are added to the nofollow.

voting algorithm features: 1 can not point to a link, a lot of people will go to the home page links, in fact, accounting for the home page on the line of 20%. 2 do not release a large number of the same platform, or all the source of the chain is just two or three platforms. 3 the value of the link is to click, that is, we send the chain can not guide others to click.

matching algorithm

three note: 1 key words to do need to appear in the title. 2 key words to do need to appear in the content. 3 anchor text to appear. Details can view how to enhance the site keywords ranking by matching.

correlation algorithm

had a group in the buddy do medical sites, 10 articles updated daily entertainment news, after a period of time included about to go up, but the ranking still did not go up, Chongqing SEO Ceng Xiaolong here to say is not included, the more the better, the search engine correlation on the website of the judgment. The search engine has a very large database, it will decide which words will often appear together with what words, so everyone in writing must be very familiar with this industry, write the article is valuable articles, search engines will be on the whole page analysis, judge whether the title and content are related.

satisfaction algorithm

we search php training, assuming that the previous auction is a natural ranking, generated by the user search >

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