Using cross platform network marketing communication to find the target user’s excitement

a few days ago, I received a WeChat sent a message to open the circle of friends, a look that is Tomb-sweeping Day held in Guangzhou during the period of the most expensive land square a square the most expensive land animal adoption day activities. This activity was originally spread in micro-blog, then be reproduced to the circle of friends of friends to share, then the author on his website added relevant event information, and soon someone looking for the search engine to the data.

, a variety of media channels

Since the WeChat

market since, from time to time can be spread on the doomed micro-blog news. If the activity, now micro-blog did not peak so badly, but fans of micro-blog has not reduced, but the number of forwarding number and their comments in a sharp reduction in it, but at the end of March from the article derailment, he responded by micro-blog to refresh the social media site record, exceeded 1 million times forwarding and 3 million times the amount of interaction in just more than and 10 hours, it is not difficult to see micro-blog’s vitality is still strong.

in WeChat, the phrase "and cherish" from time to time flashed in front of us, what is it? In fact, whether micro-blog or WeChat, is a part of social media, even if there are differences between the function, but they can coexist Rong, even a lot of information can each other.

as the "King Square Stray Animal Adoption Day," the information across a number of different network platform, the author arrived in the hands, and then by the author to use the site to spread it out. It is the diversification of communication channels, fully embodies the characteristics of the largest network information era, we can easily free choice of network media, which is a borderless information advantage.

two, multi-level network marketing communication

as a network marketing personnel, believe and hope that their product information can be accurately to reach potential consumers, but we always found that no matter which way, still missing a lot of target customers, after all we are used to find their own familiar communication channels to carry out related marketing work.

love the search engine, will naturally put eyes on the search engine, so it is easy to overlook other effective means of communication, similarly, because many people missed the best way of micro-blog communication, then put all their hopes in the WeChat body, or even at all deeply on the WeChat marketing.

although we all know just concentrate on doing something, will be able to bring help for themselves, but as the Internet, because here is free and loose information circulation channels, leading to a lot of people will choose their own love to diverse sources of information.

whether it is a search engine, or micro-blog, WeChat, and even QQ group, the forum, and even with the video, etc., these information channels can bring our marketing information to the whole party >

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