Analysis of the current situation and opportunities of local WeChat marketing

WeChat has ordinary grassroots large difficulties, many grassroots large advertising was closed, many WeChat have lost confidence, turned to the other. So I was forced to re focus on local WeChat to see if there is still a chance of local WeChat.

V5 push the local WeChat exchange group has more than one thousand people, but it seems that the local WeChat fans tens of thousands of people are not many, only a handful. Are talking about the value of the local WeChat is very high, but the real people who can make a profit is very small. No push each other, if there is no resources, then the local number is too difficult to do fans. The population of a city on a million or even tens of millions, ten thousand fans seem too little too little.

I was summed up, do nothing more than the local WeChat two difficulties: 1, fans do not go up; 2, customer resources are hard to find. So the local WeChat is not our imagination so promising, of course, still have the opportunity, I will put forward some of my own ideas.

my city is Chongqing, I also run a WeChat "idle away in seeking pleasure in Chongqing, now almost ten thousand fans. There is no micro-blog and other resources, so that this is indeed a lot of fans I spent a lot of energy, but fortunately not a penny of investment. After ten thousand still feel too little fans. To talk about business and nabuchushou. Chongqing main urban area of about five million people, at least have to do a good job of only fifty thousand fans. And I do now, but also did not have a business to find me talk about cooperation, which is also very normal. I also talked to a friend of mine about the problem. Do local WeChat or micro-blog need to run the business, is not an easy thing, these local businesses are not so good money.


so, I’ve been looking for a way out. First of all, I wonder if there is a local business WeChat marketing needs?. Recently, I also contacted a newly opened KTV want to do WeChat promotion. Then I search in the micro signal Chongqing, found that in fact many local businesses have opened the WeChat public number. There are mainly the following types: hospitals, housekeeping services, car rental, cinema, photography, media, restaurants, of which the largest number of hospitals. This can be seen through these companies are still more emphasis on WeChat marketing, but it does have this demand.

so how do these businesses WeChat I do not have a specific exposure to these businesses, but in my opinion, most businesses are only open a public number. Familiar with the operation of micro signal is not easy to operate, it should be difficult to operate. But this seems to be an opportunity for us, how to help those who want to do WeChat marketing business marketing? If you can solve this problem may find a way.

is just to do a local public account by fat advertising to make money, I think is not particularly tricky. Better to local strength of the needs of business sense to do marketing service for the training. "

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