A review of domestic and foreign research on WeChat marketing

foreign research status

is based on the existing data collection and found that foreign references about WeChat less marketing mode, little research in this area, mainly for foreign 4P theory, 4C theory, 4R theory mentioned many, market, marketing is still in development, so at least in a period of time, 4P, 4C, 4R there are different application in different enterprises. Since the birth of WeChat in 2012 there have been a small number of people began to use WeChat to talk, chat, etc.. Now the overseas WeChat fire or in the Southeast Asian region, in accordance with the use of their point of view, WeChat in the Malay use rate is the highest, in the Middle East of Pakistan Thailand India Indonesia use rate is higher. Business people are more likely to use WeChat than Line, especially when dealing with Chinese businessmen. The United States is currently mainly used in China, but the Canadian data center is set up, the future can still have a certain market, foreign software into the United States is not very easy.

Dorigo M (2012) that the objective of modern enterprise’s e-commerce model mainly is to allow more consumers to know the enterprise, understand business, understand business, whether through WeChat or micro-blog, are made of a kind of electronic sales. But the consumer is enough for the way of marketing and purchasing, this is not the enterprise can control, we can do is through the enterprise’s own ability to use various sales channels, so that consumers know their products, and can make the product for sale.

Luis (2013) of WeChat such things as emerging publicity channels, WeChat in the development process, although there is no technology and difficulty is too high, but in the process of the real operation also need to spend some time to digest, and continue to try a new way of selling in the application process of platform.

Stengos (2012) believe that WeChat has a certain degree of immediacy, interactivity, visibility, influence, and the characteristics of the spread of no boundaries, it is very suitable for corporate advertising and promotion. Enterprises can send the focus of the audience quickly to their own products through the two-dimensional code, so as to carry out a series of marketing activities. In WeChat to find their own specific market, to provide customers with personalized, differentiated services, soft marketing to conquer the potential audience, to create a better brand service.

Cheung (2013) in the study proved that the arrival rate of WeChat public platform information can be achieved at the same time, the user can be grouped, regional control, such as the precise message push, and so on the efficacy of. Therefore, the promotion of enterprises only need to focus on copy planning, the product of the temptation to explain and introduce, rather than endless promotion operations. Only in this way, the quality of WeChat’s public platform to be much higher than micro-blog fans, as long as it can be a good control of the frequency of the transmission and the quality of the content, in general, the user will not

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