How to avoid the misunderstanding of company registration in Shanghai registered company

with the commercial system reform, public entrepreneurship, innovation has become the new focus of domestic. But how to register in Nanjing, the establishment of the Nanjing company, many entrepreneurs, there are many misunderstandings on the understanding, still need to clarify. Today Xiaobian to talk about those companies in Nanjing registration errors.


first, the registered capital subscribed system, the registered capital is not the bigger the better

but the registered capital is not the bigger the better, and the size of the business needs to be roughly matched. The registered capital over the negative impact: the registered capital is too large and not in place, the shareholders of the company is founded not on the obligation of capital contribution; other investors has put in place a shareholder may have the liability for breach of contract. Not in place may affect the distribution of dividends. "According to the shareholders in proportion to the capital contributions received bonuses; new capital, the shareholders have the priority in proportion to the capital contributions subscribed capital. However, the shareholders of the agreement is not in accordance with the investment proportion of dividends or not according to the proportion of investment priority except payment by the." Is not conducive to the introduction of new shareholders, and the high tax burden of equity transfer. The reduction of cumbersome procedures.

two, not only in the currency as the only way to invest

shareholders can monetary and non monetary as investment, including real estate, land use rights, patents, non patent technology, copyright, trademark and so on, can also have set up the company’s debt, equity as capital (stock exchange).

can not be registered as a company’s contribution to the service, credit, the name of the natural person, goodwill, franchise or set up security property, etc..

three, business premises are not required to be practical, the only commercial license address

the establishment of the company need to have a residence, the general requirements of a site. But in order to encourage investment in many areas of e-commerce business class residence requirements and other appropriate release, reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship. Dongguan has implemented a system of registration of clusters, and now the establishment of the company will be more convenient.

four, the new company does not operate without the need to prepare statements and tax returns

the taxpayer must be in accordance with the provisions of laws and administrative regulations or the tax authorities in accordance with the provisions of laws and administrative regulations to determine the reporting period, the contents of the declaration truthfully complete the formalities for tax declaration, submit tax returns, financial accounting statements and tax authorities according to the relevant information on tax payments required by the actual needs".

five, directors, managers can not be the same as a natural person

"a limited liability company with a relatively small number of shareholders or a small scale may have one executive director and no board of directors. The executive director may concurrently serve as the manager of the company."

to sum up, when we choose to register the agency, we should take into account the capacity and professionalism of their services, rather than blindly value the price level. The lower the price, the customer service is not in place, the company will encounter problems during the following

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