Marketing analysis and strategy formulation of website

today, good website how to make marketing products emerge in an endless stream, on the packaging, which continue to attract the attention and have lasting user viscosity, belong to the icing on creative work. Frankly speaking, marketing is how to find, create and deliver value to meet the needs of the target market, so as to obtain a stable source of profit!

in order to achieve the goal of "profit", first of all, the website products need to use certain marketing skills, so that the site has a certain degree of visibility. However, thousands of kinds of marketing methods, inappropriate marketing will result in a waste of resources, but with little success. Therefore, in the formulation of marketing strategy, the need for a comprehensive marketing analysis of the market, so that resources will be used in the blade, to achieve precise promotion, multiplier effect.

how to analyze the market, there are two aspects, market demand and competitors. In other words, the market demand is the potential customers of the website products. To be sure, who are the clients of the site, and how do they find the site? How can they find the website?. Holding on to these customers means holding the source of profits, so it is necessary to conduct in-depth analysis of the customer.

to my experience in the promotion of second-hand housing in Ji’nan, real estate agent is a very important site customer groups. To grasp this part of the customer source, must accurately grasp their psychological. After in-depth communication and analysis, to understand the value of the main site of the real estate agency popularity, listings and keywords ranking. In response to these three directions, Ji’nan online second-hand housing launched an orderly marketing. Do online offline promotion on the one hand, so that the brand has gradually been accepted by the public, familiar; at the same time, Ji’nan online secondhand the room with its own powerful media platform advantage, to collect numerous high quality personal housing information, to meet agency needs; in addition, the SEO keyword optimization is also continuing work, and achieved good grades.

After the

master user features, also need to make an analysis of competitors, is the so-called "old enemy, yum". We need to understand the analysis of the competition advantages and disadvantages, their profit model, their advertising and fees, they flow, they used what keywords and promotion methods, how they rank, they launched what special services etc.. These are the things we must pay attention to.

, however, it is not enough to focus on only once. We need to record, and sustained attention, continuously updated, this collection of intelligence is more true, be helpful for the next decision! Through continuous analysis, we can find and make up for their deficiencies, reduce mistakes cost, and the formation of different marketing strategies; and to the customer analysis and attention, then help us to accurately grasp the needs of customers, run in the forefront of the industry.

rich data, we can analyze the marketing strategy based on data. But to do the formulation of the strategy, but also the need for their own website products and services

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