My view on foreign trade enterprise website construction

over the past few years, we have to do with foreign trade customers to deal with more, and found that the views of the customer site construction has also been a number of changes.

before the customer requirements of the website must rich in content, it is to spend a variety of sites, content rich, to what enterprise introduction, leader, organization, news, personnel etc.. In other words we have what we have. Seems to think that all the things on the site piled up appears to be a big business… Caesar design copyright

actually not. We can think of a problem in reverse:

What is the purpose of our website

? Because we are doing foreign trade, so our clients are foreigners, the establishment of foreign trade website for the foreigners to take advantage of the network, then the site is most concerned about foreigners on what


if you know your client, you should understand that the customer on your website to see the main is your product, and product related information, such as pictures, description of the products, the use of products, customer service service and transportation matters needing attention and so on. Secondly, because foreigners attach great importance to human culture, therefore, it is necessary for you to do some business, such as the office environment, staff living environment, etc.. For them, through your corporate culture can be seen in the vitality of the enterprise and the leadership of the charm of the same product in the premise of the choice of a most pleasant and most humane enterprise long-term cooperation.

in addition, from the design point of view, because foreigners visit the website of our country, it is necessary to ensure the speed of the site. This is the problem of technical development, but if the customer asked what the site has, it will undoubtedly increase the burden on your site, and these foreigners will not see. We look at some of the company’s Web site, the feeling is concise, clear. Because they fully consider the customer’s situation and access habits. That is: all customer oriented, fully consider the feelings of the client.

so, Dear customer, especially foreign trade customers, when you make foreign websites, please in-depth communication with your designers, analysis of the scope of application of your customer location and access habits, as well as your product, industry and so on, designers will be through the information system analysis and give you one of the most substantial scheme. You are our customer, we consider your needs, at the same time, we have to consider the needs of your customers. Because all customers.

I engaged in Web Design in recent years, in the production of foreign trade website also accumulated some experience, dare not say that I do website can make the satisfaction of our clients, but we are very confident: we are very concerned about our customers access habits, we are very aware of the client access habits. The company’s foreign trade website design style is: everything to the main content, concise and clear, clear, all to the main bit.

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