nternet finance as an example to talk about technology entrepreneurship Trilogy

Zhongguancun business street in the dormant wild every year tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, resigned from the company, generous treatment, start empty-handed technology venture CTO are also many. But in the end the success of life, go down, but there are always a few. Technology entrepreneurship has three steps, specifically how to go?

this article, according to Bi Peng, vice president of network technology in Shanghai 2016QCon speech to listen to the manuscript from the finishing, hoping to wait and see, or to join the technology venture you have inspired. You will see:

how to choose the business tuyere?

to point to the network as an example, how to do from 0 to 1?

how to further implement from 1 to 100

my entrepreneurial experience

for most people, entrepreneurship is always rooted in the heart of a dream, I am no exception. So far, I have a total of two entrepreneurial experience. In 2005, when I was about to step out of school, my classmates and I registered the first company. Just stepped out of the school, into the community, all aspects of experience are relatively lacking, each step is to feel the stones across the river, at the moment, entrepreneurship is difficult. Fortunately, the company did well, and in 2014 landed three new board.

is now the second point of the melting point of the network. When the initial melting point network, the technical team of less than twenty people, has now grown to more than 500 people; the size of the company from the initial 100 people, up to now, the number of people. In this process, I have experienced from 0 to 1 days, also experienced Huoranquanda to 100 from 1 (Shi Yi: the metaphor of the rapid development of the situation). This process, gave me more challenges, but also brought more thinking.

The first step: look for the outlet


Lei Jun said: "standing on the air, pigs can fly". It is very simple: under the general trend, a lot of things will be easy to do. If you can adapt to the trend, you can get multi support. In the right time, things will be more comfortable.

technology trends you see?


Internet era, the main technology entrepreneurship, grasp the trend of technology has become the primary factor. Make a hypothesis, if you can go back to the birth of the birth of smart phones, you can grasp the opportunity of mobile Internet business? How to start? How to do?

indeed through is unrealistic, if this opportunity, a lot of people are Ma or Ma Huateng. (laughs)


mobile Internet history, but also a history of technological development, complement each other, and promote the birth and development of new things in many fields.

recalls ten years ago, our mobile Internet access to the GPRS, Download 1K traffic may need to

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