Electricity supplier promotion the role of how to change the role of good shopping guide

e-commerce saves customers and businesses time and space, greatly improving the efficiency of the transaction, but the redundancy of the network information, B2C business promotion means a single also let each shopping becomes more and more tangled. From the perspective of the interests of consumers, the traditional promotion and shopping guide service combination model, you can reduce the cost of screening information consumers, enhance the competitiveness of the electricity supplier companies.

The essential demand of

consumer interest

online, when the consumer opens any shopping website, see promotions almost exactly the same, roughly following four kinds: one is the discount, such as "the season of large stocks of 1 fold, 50 percent off Cap", "50 percent off new autumn and winter coming; two is the full cut, such as all the textbooks of primary and secondary schools full 100 minus 25", "Anniversary Full 299 minus 30, car seat over 999 minus 300"; three is limited to grab, such as "excellent Z seckill" and "Jingdong Indiana island", "flash Dangdang today price"; four is to participate in sweepstakes, such as "turntable activities available full cut deals voucher". Online, the majority of electricity providers to take the channel is basically two kinds: SMS + mail tips.

should be said that these strategies to a certain extent has aroused the consumers shopping desire, so many customers rather baffling impulse, in a certain period even for the electricity supplier bonanza, "Taobao Singles Day sales reached 35 billion yuan," "all guest jackets day sales of nearly 30 thousand, sales reached nearly 8 million yuan, indeed, these data can be very excited, think about how many companies can do so far?

The classical

statistical data in the distribution of the normal distribution told us most of the fate of the enterprise is in the middle level, the scenery is one of the few, the homogenization of competition will only make the profit of the road more and more narrow, the living environment will be more and more bad sectors. In addition, when all the enterprises adopt identical or highly similar promotion strategies, consumers will feel numb, confused, and even began to doubt whether the pure business benefit? (for businesses to improve the original price and then discount items, expired or after unpacking the goods out flash sale etc.)

so, how to break the traditional mode of marketing tools, to avoid such a vicious spiral, so that targeted promotional activities will become more and more commercial enterprises must carefully consider the problem.

it is well known that the product must have the market, must have the value, in the marketing theory value has a formula, it is equal to the benefit which brings to the customer divides the customer to pay for this cost. The cost can be roughly divided into five pieces: time, energy, physical strength, price and risk costs. If the total cost to the customer as an iceberg floating on the surface of the price, the sink in the water under the other four types of costs, the electricity supplier listed above four kinds of the common means to promote its essence is the direct or indirect price, because they believe that customers in the purchase of goods price is the primary object attention, ignore the price and a large — >

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