Local DM promotion of local information advertising

Juxian harbor where the county, the development of the entire network is lagging behind. Although Juxian has a population of 1 million 100 thousand, but most of them are township farmers. It is estimated that most of Juxian’s Internet users concentrated in the age between 18-25 years old age, single level, and this part of people on the Internet only two things to do that is a chat, the two games. My Juxian information port made almost three months, Baidu’s ranking is relatively fast, local hot words are in front, like Juxian, Juxian, Juxian information port. But every poor little flow, less let people lose the fight.

this is not pointing to Baidu, the local one chance DM ads for me, I find that I can also use other means of promotion. This is one of the few Juxian DM advertising DM advertising, the name of the city newspaper, with a circulation of 5000 copies of the left and right, mainly to a door shop, they do not have their own independent website, before cooperation is cooperation with the local information port. Another specific way, on the site of head position to give their electronic version of the link, and reading. The electronic version of newspapers indicate the head information of his newspaper is www.juxian.cc, we return each. 5000 copies of the newspaper publicity to bring the number of IP this is not important, the important thing is to make the Juxian businessmen have a preliminary good impression on our website and web site, web site for making big and powerful good foundation. On the other I gave him a commitment to each of the electronic version of newspapers are sending to Juxian netizen mailbox (I have two super group and is a senior group, a total of 3000 Internet users at


if you are like me for the promotion of hair, may go to the local DM advertising a talk, perhaps will be harvested.

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