WeChat electricity supplier really give Taobao small sellers to bring the gospel


now is becoming increasingly hot, as the weather, the temperature is high every day. Concerned about the Internet industry, when watching the news, more or less must know some actions of WeChat, WeChat and other people for the attention of the mobile Internet, especially WeChat business people, WeChat is certainly a key concern.

then we will first look at a number of WeChat electricity supplier in the development of the situation so far. The first is the beginning of the August 2012 WeChat public platform, followed by the August 2013 WeChat formally paid. Then a series of actions in 2014, respectively, shares of public comment, shares Jingdong, Jingdong micro shop opened, and then set up their own WeChat store, the establishment of a zero wallet to achieve storage functions, etc.. From such a development point of view, we can see a prototype of a WeChat electricity supplier, is that businesses rely on WeChat public platforms, the management can be commodities, consumers rely on the WeChat platform, can buy goods! The basic form of Taobao at the beginning of commercial purchase model. But it’s just a simple business model.

then, let us look at the end of the current PC, the necessary conditions of the major electricity supplier sites required! In the case of Taobao, personally think that entrance, advertising, security is the three essential conditions, it is the ultimate basis of sustainable operation of the electricity supplier website.

first, the entrance to solve the traffic assignment problem. The main entrance to the search and category, through the search, the traffic directly assigned to specific baby and shop, by category search, distribution will flow into each category in the system, if further search, the search target will be more accurate. These entrances, the final product is the way the site is displayed through the position, it is equivalent to a collection page.

followed by advertising, advertising, is to solve the problem of the seller for the flow asymmetry, but also to solve the platform’s revenue. At present, many Internet advertising model, pay per click, pay according to the show, and on the basis of commission calculation and so on many kinds of forms, different forms of advertising, another form of flow distribution mechanism, electronic business platform website this mechanism, whether it is a traditional website or electricity supplier website is a magic weapon tested, after all, site operators need to survive, need operation the cost of advertising has become the best profit model, for businesses, in addition to get free traffic, to show the benefits of advertising is not a loss.

is the last safeguard, I said that this protection is a lot of aspects, including the protection of the transaction, the security of the payment, after sale protection, product protection, is to solve the concerns of consumers. A good site, the user’s experience is very important, especially the electricity supplier website, consumers will be higher on the platform requirements. Consumers will look at the platform of trust, will look at the company’s brand strength, will look at the quality of the product, will look at a series of follow-up services. If you do not have a complete shopping experience, I think consumers are reluctant to pay.


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