Hao Hongfeng brewmaster network soil Electric Dreams

The founder of

brewmaster network at building a "vertical + platform" to "cross" business model, will let him realize the dream of ten billion in sales of


Hao Hongfeng’s office is not small, antique, all dark red wooden furniture, standing at the door can see the depths of leaning against the wall of a few, dedicated to a Buddha and a statue of Guan gong. With echo is the company Front Gate put a statue of Jinding, tourist attractions like posture, there is water, water is a gold silver coin. "The brewmaster declaration" hanging above the line reads: Jinding, striving for the first Chinese, striving for the first in the world.

he sat at the side of the coffee table to receive us. A cup of tea, boiling water, and pour on to each person.

"it’s not like the boss of an e-commerce company, isn’t it? In fact, I’m doing a very traditional business." Flat head, round face, like the New Year paintings Hanbell, brewmaster network founder Hao Hongfeng smile happy, simple and honest, and reveal a shrewd.

because 10 years of doing business in Shanxi, the native of Hebei Handan, claiming to shanxi. In 2009, when he moved to the electricity supplier to create brewmaster net, a media and peer tease said, coal bosses to liquor.

actually, Hao Hongfeng and Shanxi famous coal business has nothing to do with. But this bias is not a reason, not the Internet related industry merchant suddenly broke into the electricity supplier, will inevitably appear abrupt.

but Hao Hongfeng doesn’t see it that way. He said that e-commerce companies are not a Internet Co, but retail companies. "You should not find out from Baidu, but should find out from WAL-MART people do electricity supplier."

even, he believes that the reason why the advent of electricity providers in the winter, the first is because investors understand the electricity supplier is wrong, and cast a bunch of people do not care about the business, so the money in the wrong direction. "Cause such mistakes and sometimes the result is unbelievable, such as ten million ad, often sell only two million things, if you can do it, I just sat down on the side of the road, the money is good, I also said that a good. Money is not pleasing, loss of money is inevitable." He said with a smile.


2012, the vertical e-commerce companies have been caught in the dilemma, sell only cotton socks off, the main product of the red maternal and infant children were acquired. While the wine is the electricity supplier in the live well, is assigned to the third party liquor business platform are currently available liquor electricity supplier website has more than and 100, but compared with the well-known liquor electricity supplier is not a few. Brewmaster network Yesmywine have access to customers and investors.

at the beginning of September, brewmaster network announced the completion of the C round of financing, Beijing wal Yan capital management center and other institutions a total of 200 million yuan capital injection. This is the last year for the two rounds of financing, the company once again won the favor of capital market. The huge online shopping market space, so that the traditional wine enterprises ready to add >.

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