China’s e commerce model change direction gradually clear

2011 is the year of the tablet PC, micro-blog, buy…… Internet companies are open year. "3Q battle", the Tencent announced the launch of Q+ open platform, Baidu announced the opening of the mobile Box Computing, in addition to Sina micro-blog, Shanda, Qihoo 360, and other Internet companies have opened the "open door", as one of the Chinese Internet giant Alibaba, chairman Ma had said: "since the birth of the first day of Alibaba that is a kind of open mode", a forerunner of leading the trend of open China Internet companies. In 2011, Ma and Alibaba has opened the "logistics" plan, "2011 Taobao open", "data sharing platform for Internet portal, Alibaba leading the change China e-commerce direction.

in order to Ali strategy has a more accurate and in-depth understanding, the reporter interviewed the director of public and customer communication Alibaba, Gu Jianbing.

just 5 months announced the opening of the top three initiatives

Alibaba as a Tencent, Baidu Chinese juxtaposed with the Internet "three big mountains", they dominated the instant messaging, search and e-commerce in the field of user flow, information flow and cash flow, but the Alibaba is obviously three large enterprises in the first open platform. As early as in 1999 the Alibaba was founded at the beginning of the chairman Ma Yun said: Alibaba is to provide Internet services for SMEs, to help them do business."

on the Alibaba open strategy, Gu Jianbing concluded: "adhere to the platform strategy, the introduction of more businesses, third party partners; at the same time open API interface, as more and more small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs to build a healthy business environment, the establishment of the entire business ecosystem."

in the first half of 2011, just 5 months time, Alibaba announced the opening of the three strategies. First, in January, Ma announced open big logistics plan, financing Alibaba and partners to build a storage network system, and hope to promote its partners to create an integrated logistics platform, the first phase will invest 200-300 billion yuan of funds, is expected to increase to 100 billion yuan after the day.

second, February 23rd, announced on 2011 Taobao open, Taobao will be in business, business buyers, sellers, logistics and other areas of wireless comprehensive opening, the introduction of third party developers, enterprises and service providers, to jointly promote the healthy and rapid development of e-commerce ecosystem. Taobao also announced the establishment of an open support fund, the next three years will invest $three hundred million, by sharing incentives, funding and other forms of support for the development of the third party partners.

third, May 25th, the Alibaba announced the launch of "data portal", and the official opening of the new domain name, 45 million small and medium-sized enterprises Alibaba according to the user’s search, inquiry and trading of electronic commerce conduct data analysis and data mining, and to create a free, open and sharing of Internet data platform for small and medium-sized enterprises and e-commerce practitioners >.

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