Taobao praise back now although the violation would like to ban all of a sudden

recently, the Guangdong Consumer Council to Taobao and Tmall online shopping platform for buyers praise courteous praise back now "and other acts in violation of the" consumer protection law "," anti unfair competition law, and accordingly issuing advisory letter, require businesses to correct improper business activities.

At the same time,

, Taobao, Tmall shot remediation praise back now, specific measures for mobile phone product information "praise back now, all 5 points back now, praise back red envelopes", the goods are temporary shelves or remove the handle; the other is the because consumers praise back now disputes, no processing platform.


in the electronic commerce platform, effect obvious to people evaluation system, then focus on how to improve the credibility of the store from Taobao was born that day, the store had racked their brains, in order to improve the credibility of the store "broken heart"! The single gain credibility from the earliest brush to false trading businesses are well received, Taobao the shop in order to get the praise, always walk in the gray line, and later in a series of strikes in Taobao, the business finally thought of a think a very good way, direct payment of "leaflets" to users’ praise and polite, praise back now, this is real gold and silver genuine goods at a fair price move, for consumers, you purchase in Taobao and bargain stores in postage, commodity prices, rather than directly from the evaluation on the bargain more fun, "usually cross all star good comments Review "will let buyers get the essence of the" preferential ", although it is small, less to 2 yuan, up to tens of dollars, and the commodity price ratio, but one percent or even 1/1000, but of this money for businesses, a lot less promotion expenses, such as bad events such as a lot less. Some of the comments that the trading volume of commodities increased……

from the user experience, "praise" benefit will implement to users, and many people said, just spend a few dollars and to businesses surrendered, broke the laws of the market, but also disturbs the market. Then, once the rebate network how to say? Is not it should be banned, because businesses pay for the third party platform, users buy goods, businesses should direct to the Commission third party platform, which is also considered "disrupted the market order, and the user through the third party platform to buy goods, and praise back this comparison, which is more affordable? Since you have accepted the goods, and businesses also want to praise back now, the way for users to get real discount, which is directly pay to exchange this praise, if from this perspective," praise rebate "is not necessarily a good standing user experience marketing.

discount everywhere in reality, for example, to go to the pharmacy to go to the supermarket shopping, can do a membership card and membership card is actually essential to the user hit a 1% discount, but the discount rebate network is a kind of embodiment, Taobao shop to get credit, they will do everything possible to get store credit. Even spend money directly to the third.

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