China Resources for CANN certification to become China’s tenth international domain name registrar

June 5th – the well-known domain name registration service resource website ( recently made ICANN (Internet domain name and address management) certification, become the mainland following the Chinese renamed Chinese (eName) after the tenth international domain name registrar.

by the official website of ICANN ( inquiry that, Xiamen Resources Network Service Co., Ltd. (Xiamen ChinaSource Service Co., Ltd) so far has been ICANN certification.

it is understood that since its establishment in 1999, the international domain name registration service has been provided by WEB.CC (Malaysia, an international domain name registrar) interface, belonging to the level of agents. Now successfully applied for a ICANN certification license to become an international domain name registrar.

has become the international domain name registration business international domain name registration business to go through two step to apply for a job, the first is certified by ICANN, then to VeriSign (commissioned by the ICANN company, responsible for the.Com/.net domain name registration management business) registration interface management company application / debugging related domain names. Informed sources, VeriSign’s work efficiency is not high, it will be several months of the application and debugging work to provide a formal international domain name registration business general ICANN authorization, this is perhaps the reason in resources so far yet to carry out related business.

attached: ICANN authorized in mainland China 10 international domain name registrar

ChinaSource Service Co. Ltd. (Internet) (


ename Co., Ltd.

(renamed China)

35 Technology Co., Ltd. (35)

Beijing Linkage Technology Ltd. (new network interconnection)

Innovative, Inc. (Business China)

HiChina Web Solutions (Hong Kong) Limited (


Inter Network Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (3721)


OnlineNIC, Inc. (Xiamen proficiency), Inc. (time interconnect)

Xin Net Techno>

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