Electricity providers and channel competition has just begun electricity supplier channel integratio

development is in recent years China’s electricity supplier in the field is darling, just a few years, China’s retail electricity providers have realized the value of consumption is about 7%. This level can reach the level of advanced countries, in fact, the United States and other developed economies, the electricity supplier in the field of consumption amount has remained at around 7%, and therefore did not strive for further improvement, the 7% seems to have become the electricity supplier in the field from the ceiling, a short time is difficult to break through.

then the domestic electricity supplier in the field is able to easily break through the ceiling, it seems still unknown, don’t look now the electricity supplier industry in the traditional Internet terminal busy playing at the same time, the mobile internet terminal, also began in dire straits, and intense competition in the electricity supplier industry but let those bland traditional channels look so envious endless. To have announced to open a business strategy, but rarely succeed, Suning now also crustily skin of electricity, the electricity supplier development of Gome once heroic utterance and now seems to be completely eliminated, like two people.

is the traditional channels to build business platform, to occupy a new sky in the field of electricity supplier, looks like a beautiful thing, but the reality of the competition for these channels is hurt, because from the amount of sales, sales channels electricity supplier amount is still only accounted for 7% of the total sales amount, and the remaining 93% of the market or from the line, so in this context, whether it is the traditional sales channels or channels, are struggling to fight the 7% market, while ignoring the line under the 93% market, looks becomes extremely ridiculous. This is obviously a kind of lost watermelon to strong sesame development mentality. The reason is that electricity providers have great potential.

but why this huge potential in Europe and other developed countries are not effective? The reason is very simple, that is the electricity supplier platform in terms of consumer experience or from the customer service service are difficult and the line platform comparable, which is why the United States only Amazon a purely commercial platform, in fact, whether it is WAL-MART or Merlin department store, the store is based on the promotion of the online platform, but their online platform is the only effective supplement their line platform.


and China’s Suning will line platform as a supplement practice online platform is obviously different, it is difficult to improve the current share price of Suning an important factor to come, because his Internet thinking is not mature, because 93% of the market to give up, and Ali, the Jingdong was only 7% of the market competition also, think the enormous potential for future competition, which is obviously not in line with the development trend in the future.

is the case, the United States quickly changed the strategy, and other department stores, retail chain platform also began to just from the business platform of self plan, instead of using electricity suppliers and cooperation way, on the other hand also eliminates its urgent and electricity supplier cooperation anti mood, and make a lot of business platform to start cooperation seek and traditional channels, such as Jingdong will select the number >

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