Reasonable temptation to do eBay CPA

through the following methods to do eBay, we hope to help!

1, registered eBay CPA, and through certification.

2, sell a cheap thing to your phone as an example! Such as: your phone is currently priced at 1000 yuan, you only sell $500!

3, do a temptation page, dedicated to your cell phone. Of course, the price is the main attraction!

4, in the bottom of the temptation to write the page, this product only supports eBay transactions, and then put on the bottom of the eBay code.

5, in order for others to quickly find your product, please write a few special fonts in the title of your sale. Such as: job.

This is easy to find

, then in your page write: temptation to purchase this mobile phone, please go to eBay search inside job XX .

6, look at your results, adjust your ad subtle place!

7, due to the purchase of your mobile phone must be registered eBay, so there should be a lot of people registered, even if someone registered eBay, there are a lot of people do not account!

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