Sources said Taobao intends to market early next year

Special report: September 10th

once a year in Hangzhou APEC SME summit held on the eve, was good at using speculation to boost the company’s brand of the Alibaba group board of directors Ma Yun, invited guests in the link again do their best.

Clinton Jet Li, from last year to this year’s Sun Zhengyi, NBA star Kobe · Bryant, Shaolin abbot Shi Yongxin, the tricks of the list will always attract media attention from all walks of life.

but this time, Kobe is playing basketball field "," Ma will talk with Shi Yongxin what "these topics have succumbed to a huge question mark and the Taobao Group subsidiary: why Taobao, to be listed on the

before and after the Spring Festival?

rumors long

in late April of this year, Taobao to Hong Kong IPO news spread like wildfire in the industry. A source said, Taobao has launched the listing of consulting and preparation work, ready to build Taobao as a revenue from B2C and C2C integrated e-commerce platform, is expected to be listed early next year.

at that time, Taobao official did not make a clear response to this topic. Before that, Taobao executives repeatedly in the media connection on IPO topic is evasive attitude. But in investment circles, Taobao out IPO news has become an open secret".

industry is different. There is news that Taobao will choose the concept of e-commerce is more mature market of the US, which is based on the March this year, Ma had visited the United States, publicly expressed Taobao will enter the United States and in cooperation with eBay will analyze that "this is the tentative U.S. capital market signals".

more news is biased that Taobao will be in Hongkong IPO, and its B2B business side by side. It also has a defensible space: the Alibaba’s recent share price has rebounded to $20 from near the Hong Kong version of the oil in the cloud.

some rumors spread for a long time, even in Taobao has not explicitly talked about its income scale and business model. So, when Taobao listed as a media reporter met Ma or Taobao President Lu Zhaoxi when the necessary topic.

"Taobao sooner or later listed", a long-term interest in the e-commerce market of mainland analysts said, "for the establishment of six years, and had beaten the eBay two years, bell sounded listed the handle of the hammer is within reach."

secret personnel adjustment

September 10, 2009, the weekly magazine "Taobao world" national public offering, this magazine deputy editor for former director of public relations Lu Weixing. Lu joined Taobao in 2005 the first half of the year, before that he is a famous Shanghai Youth Daily reporter.

to replace Lu Weixing, is suddenly transferred back to Hangzhou from Beijing senior director of public relations group ran Alibaba. This >

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