This is no longer the classic April Fool’s day the lack of creativity

    many people think in the fool’s day, a day overnight, quickly put their website fry up, today took 5 hours to look at all the all the portal and forum and personal website, found the fool’s day except impetuous, and no new ideas.

    no gentleman’s April Fool’s day, one can see through the nausea hype, what a spam site 1 million to sell, what Baidu acquisition of garbage station. What dating site collision, and so on, no new tricks, highlighting the shortcomings of individual owners of the planning of the fool, take an article to do evil.

      a little more connotation, a deeper level. Go to the heart.

posted a April Fool’s Day

the origin of April Fool’s version: every year in April 1st, the west is also a traditional American Folk Festival April Fool’s day. April Fool’s Day originated in france. In 1564, France’s first new calendar reform — the Gregorian calendar (the Gregorian calendar that is currently common), in January 1st as the beginning of the year. But conservativewho opposed this reform, still stubbornly in accordance with the lunar calendar in April 1st this day to send gifts to celebrate the new year. Advocates of the reform of the old person mocks lavishly. Clever and funny people in April 1st to give them a false gift, invited them to attend the fake reception, and the deceived conservatives called "April fool" or "bait fish". Since then, people in April 1st to fool each other, becoming a popular French custom. At the beginning of the eighteenth Century, the custom of April Fool’s day spread to England, and then was brought to the United States by the early settlers of the United kingdom. April Fool’s day, people often organize family gatherings, the room decoration with daffodils and daisies. Typical arrangement of the traditional approach is to leave the environment, can decorate the room like Christmas. Can also be arranged as a new year, when the guests, then congratulations to them "Merry Christmas" or "Happy New Year", it was interesting and unique. Fish feast in April 1st. Also open up a fresh outlook. An invitation to the color feast, usually made of colored cardboard fish. Table with green and white decorated. Put the middle of the tank and little and dainty fishing rod, each rod is a green ribbon, hanging to give guest’s gift or an exquisite celluloid fish, or a fish basket full of candy. It goes without saying that the fish feast on all the dishes are made with fish. In the April Fool’s Day party, and a fake food customs. Some people have described a typical April Fool’s Day Recipes: first a salad of lettuce, green pepper on a shaman, but after the leaves opened, it was found that the following are oyster cocktails; the second dish is "roast potatoes", "

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