2016 financing 22 detached large data can be valued on the million public data can make money

Abstract: big data industry momentum in 2016 even more. According to the new NewSeed data show that only the first half of 2016 on a financing event 22 big data, angel turn A round of enterprises.

The concept of

big data can be traced back to a 2001 McKinsey report. By 2009, the United States will rise to the national strategic data resources. Around 2012 data began in China emerge.

2015, the State Council issued to promote the development of big data action outline, and earnestly put forward the development of large data industry development requirements. At the same time, the entry of capital also promotes the development of industry. According to the data, in 2014 the big data companies less than 100, to the year 2015, the big data industry began to grow crazy, an increase of more than and 500. 2015 more than 50 big data companies to finance, the total amount of financing more than 5 billion yuan.

2016 big data industry momentum even more. According to the new NewSeed data show that only the first half of 2016 on a financing event 22 big data, angel turn A round of enterprises.

capital into the crazy bubble, a few months, the valuation rose several times

with capital poured into the big data industry, the valuation of start-up companies is too high, but the phenomenon of atmosphere. Bubble big data industry, as long as the big data labels, some companies will turn over several times the valuation. Reached the morning of venture capital investment director said in a public speech, the high valuation is accompanied by a huge bubble, driven by the high valuation, many companies are unable to return to the nature of the development of enterprises.

A has just completed a round of some enterprises, a few months after a short period of time is B round, valuation has increased several times, but the high valuation for the start-up team is not necessarily a good thing. Under such a background, the venture enterprise is easy to expand and impetuous, which may lead to over expansion.

The attempt of

data product

on the overall industry, the big data industry is a huge closed loop, involving data sources, the scene of the application, visual display and data security. In the eye of CEO Liu super view, explore the startup current data on a low to high data including trading, data exchange, data transfer, product of four levels.

in the industry is more representative of the start-up company has a number of headquarters in Chengdu,, the number of inscription products, data banks, said the data hall, TalkingData, etc..

BBD number of products is a professional professional big data solutions provider for enterprise risk control. Based on the comprehensive enterprise database at cloud letter owned by BBD (enterprise holographic portrait), can provide DNA holographic portraits, enterprise behavior and industry KPI data comparison, real-time dynamic enterprise due diligence data, related party transaction data.

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