Valley excellent research institute website promotion program group soft chat promotion

lesson, we have talked about the valley excellent research institute website promotion program funny pictures promotion plan, curriculum issued, many students have been applied to the actual operation, and also get the desired effect. This course will focus on the analysis and analysis of the group soft chat promotion operation and application.

in all the media to promote, in fact, the group is the most able to reflect the strength of the cluster, one is to promote the timeliness of the group, the two is to promote the exchange of groups, the three is to promote the weight of the group.

a, timeliness

For example,

QQ group for example, when you send out advertisement at the same time, people also see your advertisements issued, and belongs to the semi mandatory saving, not to mention it, if you spend 1 minutes in a forum login or post reply, you can expect a bit is not many people will soon see you have made the ad.

two, AC

advertising issued after the discussion of this advertising will happen between the group of friends, for example, will ask you what this website, there are what, if there are issues of argument, you can imagine in a crowd of 200 people in the continuity of the discussion is welcome, to continue the exchange will lead the group friends of advertisement for your attention, and will have forgotten to ask you what is the direct URL, fabric strength is strong.

three, weight

the above two points, with timeliness and communication, you will find your advertising will let people remember at the same time, the nature of the group itself is a small circle, small circle between the other groups of friends are valued, even when you are his friends, mutual exchanges will make you feel more easily. If so, what are you worried about your site’s loyal users.

Of course, the quality of

above three points are needed to establish your advertisement, join a new group, a direct advertising, then waiting to be T, which is of course not, can think that advertising is the vast majority of people. Advertising to soft, soft text is published in the people on the site, with the inside of the group we just temporarily said to be soft liaoba.

soft key is chat chat, some students asked, chat is a waste of time! Yes, chat is a waste of time, a lot of people do, especially those who write the program and the site is a basic common, it is not love to chat, although every day hanging QQ, MSN etc. but one day, they played with the number of words can come. The knife is not wood work fee you can insist on, between the sites post replies your soft Wen promotion every day, can also insist that their "relaxed", through the exchange of chat and send out their own advertising, let others accept not better, of course, if you do a garbage station so, this method does not suit you, because this method is really need a lot of time to complete, we often in a web site to see such a sentence: do stand, this sentence what.

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