Rongcheng life network to test the water classification information station experience

has always wanted to be in the planning of the local station, originally wanted to do a local forum, but now the winter, the forum is not good to do, what to stand here!

in fact, this problem, consider a long time, the local station can do a lot of local industry stations, integrated stations, news stations, classified information stations, dating stations, community forums, etc..

consider for a long time, decided to make a local classification information station, Rongcheng life network, the first is the choice of the domain name, choose the names with AI, personal feeling some long, but names, okay, finally is the station of choice, I tried to use the Rongcheng information port, but feel like the government the local station, and has three stations in Rongcheng harbor is named, by Baidu traffic, this feeling is not reliable, it is ready to build their own brand of Rongcheng life net.

is the procedure of choice, that is the PHP language can be integrated well, although it is not good to do the forum, the integration of SNS what should also be considered, the stability factors, the final choice of the Empire ECMS


then is to learn other successful classification station, seen a lot, finally set the interface now, I asked is simple, because the place, where a lot of people are not on the Internet, if the release of information, may also look for others to release the sale of housing information, so the requirement is simple and easy


, consider the column, is considering some commonly used columns, Rongcheng housing information, Rongcheng flea market, Rongcheng dating personals. Rongcheng job recruitment, such as living in Chengdu.

I’m going to talk about some propaganda plan, just consider the, hoping to attract

1), business cards, a large number of business cards. The price is 1W name card name card for only 300400 yuan, but if the name card advertising decentralization, the cost is relatively low, my area is small city, every month to invest 300 yuan to send 1W a name card, there should be a part of the flow.

2), business cards have a certain practicality, printed on the back of the calendar or some small common sense, and the other side to print some beautiful

3), name card made out of where is the main promotion to acquaintances, or what way? I am ready to go to the street traffic, the local distribution, name card volume is small, so many people will be in your pocket, not discard, effect than A4 paper effect should be well < /p>

4), the organization of local activities, personal feelings can be set for the first time it is difficult, I would like to through the QQ group, paste it, pull people, first try it.

is considering, oh, welcome and exchange,

do stand is boring, perhaps is a simple repeat, I hope I can stick to it, ha ha

Rongcheng life network and the new version of Rongcheng information port www.airongcheng.>

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