WeChat social communication is not really a marketing tool

WeChat really need mass?

some time ago titanium media issued a news that WeChat will cancel mass, shook the whole world a lot of people think that WeChat, WeChat to cancel the public account of the mass function, many people are beginning to consider the transfer of the platform, but the title is a question mark, but later other media outlets to remove the mark.

of course, this news is certainly false, I just know later according to the executives of a company in the application interface of WeChat, WeChat and butt when wrong, eventually led to this farce, but can be seen from this incident, WeChat public account all operators is how to see the WeChat heavy mass function, once cancel it if the end of the world.

is WeChat’s mass function is very important, this one to reach more nearly 100% of the dissemination of information to both business and media, is very attractive, before WeChat almost no what Internet products have this feature, even if micro-blog is only broadcast without accurate, WeChat public platform is a free SP platform the contents of the message, and has rich media properties, can also guide the user to do some extended operations, such as interaction such as the purchase, so many companies see the inside of the business.

It is said that the current public platform

registration number is close to 3 million, and the number of enterprises micro-blog Sina micro-blog should have a million, so the heat causes the two, WeChat is a public platform registration threshold is very low, but recently more and more strict, the two is WeChat group function, can make when the SMS. The commercial effect can sell bids, or from the media how can be fried so hot, because WeChat is from the media from the channels and content change control.

but you have not thought about the mass function is actually broadcast, is an attribute of the media, the official WeChat is the weakening of the nature of the media, they want to see more companies will use WeChat as a service platform, it is a loyal user with love brand enterprises can equal communication platform and cordial. Sending a message too much will harassment to users, in fact, in addition to the media not many enterprises can produce valuable content every day, the end result will not only allow users to unsubscribe, more terrible is the threat to the ecology of the whole WeChat, that micro-blog’s lesson has been very good.

of course I do not agree to cancel the message, I really want to cancel this from the media to transfer positions, would like to emphasize that WeChat advocate is to give users the real value of the content, rather than junk SMS! WeChat wants users to take the initiative to pull rather than push to the public, if the WeChat public No. as a mobile phone application will be easier to understand, the enterprise account can be limited to once a week or a few times a month, I agree with this.

WeChat news channel only

in my opinion, whether it is an individual or enterprise, to use WeChat first to understand what is WeChat?

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