How to buy traffic in order to maximize revenue

there are a lot of people do not like to spend time posting, hanging QQ and research SEO search engine optimization, and willing to spend money to buy traffic advertising. Some friends asked me a few days ago, why did he buy 1000 IP real traffic every day, but no one click on Google ads. Spend money to buy traffic is possible, but you have to analyze whether the traffic is suitable for your advertising product terminal, then you must understand the source of this traffic.

many friends do not understand the current source of online traffic flow, in the end how to buy their own traffic appropriate. I’m here to give you a variety of traffic sources and how to use it to make money:

traffic can be divided into three categories according to its value:

a search engine traffic

1, source: search engine (Baidu, Google, YAHOO, Sogou, etc.).

2, gold content: very high value of the intention of the flow, because the user is a purpose to search for a word and want to see the results.

3, flow rate: click calculation, in addition to Baidu, the price of other products is about 0.1-1 yuan per click.

4, suitable for High Commission registration, guide the advertisement, such as the results of 265 net, DHC, eBay, alliance network products guide was registered. Each product price ranging from 1 yuan to 7 yuan,

5, the use of methods: for example, I spent 10 yuan to buy about 50 high quality traffic. Let them do a 5 yuan registered products, then the flow of 10 people have at least 1 people to register. I can use 10 yuan to change back to $25, I invested $100 per day will be able to earn 150-200 yuan. Isn’t that a $200 project a day?

two, flow exchange alliance

1, source: Web page text or picture click (traffic pioneer, dark horse, etc.)

2, gold content: the value of the general, through others on your web page click on your ad to get the flow. Usually produce waste, first, because the data statistics, the two is the main site cheating invalid clicks (think about how some people do Google click ads should understand)

3, flow rate: click calculation, about 1-8 cents range, the price is relatively cheap search.

4, suitable for products: click on the type of advertising, such as Google Adsense, Baidu alliance, Sogou alliance.

5, the use of methods: spend 10 yuan to buy 300-500 IP, the traffic to your ad page. As long as your ad page is tempting enough to remove some of the false and wasteful, at least half of the people will point to your ad. If the worst can produce 50 valid clicks, but also has a revenue of $30. So every day I put 10>

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