The socialization of social media marketing from the perspective of the participation of social medi

in all industries, the guiding role of the strongest "social media," one word also stressed that the participation of users, and "marketing" is a knowledge of each brand must grasp, because of the extremely widespread Internet products in the world, no marketing without turnover.

in the way of marketing one by one analysis, re integration era, social media marketing is put forward, get enterprise’s approval, a high degree of user participation, with internal oriented marketing can be favored by the business, but also no ground for blame.

in order to facilitate a better understanding of the needs and the use of social media marketing, we sorted out the following several operating examples:

red children World Cup "football widow" and "wife"

for the electricity supplier, making the festival has almost become a recognized model, the festival is not important, important is the electricity supplier who played the reason under various promotional activities, which largely depends on consumers’ preference for promotional activities of the psychological.

so-called socialization, that is, from the popular life to create marketing points. For electricity providers, social media marketing is the best fit between the festival (or promotion activities, etc.), red children from concept has been extracted in a "football widow" World Cup total environmental society in the opposite direction, launched a wife called, they want to tell the user is male my fellow citizens, don’t just look at the ball, take your wife to buy them a commodity; female compatriots, your husband was snubbed you, let them buy goods that are still in love with you……" Businesses are always concerned about the amount of promotional products, and in the community to choose such a consumer can drive the topic of consumer, consumer psychology to promote consumer war will immediately opened……

Similar to those of the

and launched the Peach Blossom Festival, festival spoiled, women are on love and self love, in fact this with the social networking platform crazy turn topic has a great similarity, namely those who criticize men spoil a woman’s speech. As TV is Cinderella, prince charming story, the audience choice for female marketing electricity supplier who, choose social topic to win women favor, will maximize the precision of user participation in social marketing.

is the brand of social marketing: creativity and speed is very important

for the condom industry, the product itself is the topic, want to drive a sensational social media marketing, often soon hundreds of times.

in May this year, a micro-blog "Han Han released the rain shooting, there is a thin passion series feeling", "thin" and "passion" to the fans unlimited reverie, users quickly, in a minute comment on the production of "Durex", "ultra thin is cool." other words, Durex and Okamoto two brand of condom was also in a relatively short period of time to make the "marketing" reaction, Durex is "Yue"

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