You think it’s only in the play The lyrics advertising has long been frenzied

as you hear "love" will think "we are deposited with eye ciliary -", as you heard the story of "Dandelion" will think you are my tea, real cow X advertising songs, never break naked dimension wall drawing techniques.

but now advertisers are a bit sick! These products have been deeply integrated with lyrics!

first look at the lyrics, I do not suggest that you consciously control the drop-down rhythm, see if you can find out the lyrics in the placement of advertising.

rich vanilla Qiao agate

quietly melted the

become the most happy taste

forget the trouble

so good

JJ Lin "find love"

A good trick succeeded

cute, how good


is trying to get things done!



Let us go dancer

no colorful world


" ouhao irreplaceable

don’t ask me why this song so Hyun, my key butingshihuan – up down down down up to




when I hold your hand

you are a bright spark.

let dream weaving king world

illuminates the whole universe

BY2 "brave"

Every time I hear "

dream weaving king world" can’t run. In the past, the "king of the world" game operators, is the first to introduce the "World of Warcraft ninth" of the city, so many years, do not know the 9 city’s (I said I would run ah)

Beautiful What Wonderful Light tonight

Beautiful All Day All Light Night

in the era of dazzle

open the heart with a beat To Me Fly

Jin Zhiwen and other "Beautiful Light"

this song


invited 7 singer


sang 7 versions of

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