Seven elements of blog marketing success

is now the era of national blog, more and more people began to build their own blog brand, the formation of their own blog media. Here are some tips to help your blog become more successful:

put the reader in the first place, not what you want and what you need to know what your readers want, what they need, and then meet them. You can use the keywords to track your potential readers.

the value you can contribute is more important than your reputation. Many people say they are not famous writers. This is actually not a relationship, it is important that you can provide something useful to readers. As long as you think you something useful, they will forgive some small mistakes, writing is more write better.

don’t blog too much. Blogs are a lot of things that can be addictive and take up a lot of your time. Too much of a blog can affect your normal work and life, and assign a certain amount of time each week, so you don’t have to write something every day.

to find the same blog. Similar to those you often go to the place to find them, and they can also meet activities, then they are integrated into your blog.

use the Internet, others may have a profound impact on your success, visit the link, and make appropriate recommendations. Internet has great potential.

let your subscription. As much to grasp your visitors, and let them customize e-mail or subscribe to your feed, you like a reason for their subscriptions: free products (such as blog theme), special assistance (such as technical assistance), and even discount and other commodities (for preferential trading blog).

released eye-catching story. Can try to attract click with the title of the party, and can introduce further attract an entertaining little time to write, to leave the incentive effect to them, new knowledge, power of the next visit.

Deng Shaowei translation plus editor, the original discussion on intense.

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