Wake up don’t be misled by the fiery scenes of WeChat marketing

WeChat marketing in the platform to show the advantages of great potential, a large user base and flexible creative move to WeChat marketing adds unlimited reverie and colorful figure. In the bustling WeChat, WeChat marketing operation of the road is not peaceful, many earlier in the WeChat marketing public numbers are not getting the success, the end is also roughly ending, the fact that WeChat marketing is not so magical, it still exists problems. Behind some good WeChat marketing operations, but also hidden a huge risk, we can say a lot of WeChat marketing in order to gather popularity, there are different level of brush powder problem. This allows WeChat to make a lot of marketing to increase the burden on the face of reality is not optimistic, there are still a lot of pressure, which exposed another problem, WeChat marketing does exist unknown weaknesses.

generally cause harassment to users. The starting point of WeChat marketing is not the same, so the marketing activities will be a seamless heavenly robe, seemingly in order to solve the consumer demand, the marketing value up high, but it will cause certain harm to consumers "". WeChat marketing leads to a variety of advertising all over the sky, some circle of friends, information push, especially in some of the more obvious WeChat group. Some micro business indeed in the information push more cautious, why still lying in the gun? This is the supervision of the industry is quite confusing, here the "rat shit" or more, so that WeChat marketing has been misinterpreted as flying ads, and some advertising has caused a disturbance for users. WeChat marketing is very difficult to break into the all users of the small world, many ordinary users for WeChat marketing are more alert, can not use delete components to solve the problem, which exposed a weakness in the WeChat marketing.

The effect of

marketing can not get feedback. As a marketing person but also has time, a lot of marketing activities are dunarea to lure, immediately attracted a large number of users to pay attention to, but the profit is over, these users will disappear, WeChat cannot guarantee the effectiveness of marketing. Take WeChat public marketing as an example, with exquisite design, is rich in content, but is unable to break the bottleneck of the development, there are three reasons, one is the market competition is too fierce, chasing each other between peers; two is in the mass of information today, the user access to information form too much, there is no need to always pay attention to; the three is marketing information after a change, selectively push, most like no echo, the information can be said to be no feedback. It can be said that WeChat marketing after careful preparation, the other will soon be copied and imitated, so that the final effect will be greatly reduced, and the WeChat marketing push process is no trace, whether the "hit" target, can be said to be the most is not obvious. WeChat marketing platform itself is flawed, is not conducive to the collection of feedback information, which is its inherent defects.

precision marketing misleading. When it comes to the majority of WeChat marketing will be proud of the advantages of precision, in fact, this idea is misleading. WeChat user presence information >

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