Do not talk about big data and the grassroots is important to the real thinking

will continue to appear in any field of new technologies and new models, such as the rapid development of the Internet and the rapid update of the field is no exception. Such as in recent years has been widely discussed topics, such as mobile Internet, O2O, Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, etc., are some of the emerging technologies or models.

more than any one word represents a very fashionable technology or mode, these things seem to be engaged in the Internet industry people have general, not for the other is to package yourself, make yourself look professional. Here I would like to share with you is that we are currently pursuing big data.

has come up with this serious issue to discuss with you, because a few days ago, my friend company accepted the service of an Internet outsourcing company. His company is belong to the kind of traditional enterprises, all models are in accordance with the traditional way, almost no information of things, such as all of the discussion is carried out with a pen and paper, it is a pure traditional company. Of course, with the concept of the Internet popular, they have been paying attention to this aspect of things. The Internet Marketing Company dished out an important selling point is to provide enterprises with their own big data analysis and third party data analysis to help guide their business.


and found that their so-called big data service is a few online Internet data on the Internet to cut the picture, and then explain to the picture. For example, the major search engines in the domestic market share, and that is who is the top three, what is the share of these results as long as the brain is normal people look at a picture is very clear. Just think carefully can see that outsourcing companies to come up with the concept of big data out just to Huyou, like my friend that’s where we talk about their big data, one hundred people is that they are small enterprises; two is a long period since they have no information management, also there is no data stored on paper or related, of course record. The outsourcing companies did not ask for these data written on paper.

as my friend said, when he was after service, found that those who proposed these bright concept is just a flicker of their money under the guise of. Indeed, I estimate that the so-called ask professional to provide large data solutions for big data people what he did not know, because one of his team just a few people, of course, if he is to help enterprises with large data thinking to solve problems, and develop a habit of attention to data analysis. Then I think it may be tricky, moving is to provide a perfect big data solutions, I think it is not reliable, after all, we and they are grassroots team, rather than the giants such as IBM.

so that is not to say that big data has nothing to do with our grassroots

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