Creative creative network virtual stock exchange program

China’s stock exchange, the stock exchange mainland, only two: the Shanghai stock exchange and the Shenzhen stock exchange. My idea is to run third stock exchanges, the virtual stock exchange".

This is all the

exchange website, as long as the website owner by submitting the listing application, the basic situation of the website and publish operation scheme, the promoters shall subscribe for shares, the prospectus issued four links on the site can sell the shares issued.

investors must first be born from the owners, after the application of the account to send a certain amount of virtual currency exchange, the owners of the stock can be analyzed for the sale of shares.

listed sites can also apply for additional shares in the future, the owners of the virtual currency investors can apply for the purchase of virtual currency to continue to participate in the end.

this website design needs to pay attention to several aspects:

1, the process of listing the site can not be cumbersome, a few minutes to complete the listing application.

my idea is that as long as the site owners to submit the listing application, the basic situation of the website and the operation of the program, the promoters subscribe for shares, issued a prospectus four steps can be completed on the stock market. Can not be like the real company listed after dozens of steps. But as the site is perfect, can increase the listed references, such as inviting the establishment of the board of directors, the appointment of senior staff, and other aspects in order to increase the dividend allotment of interest and profit through value-added services. I remember a few years ago there was an event called the operation of the The Virtual Corporation, the process is completely in accordance with the formal operation of the company, the results of my first wait and then can not be formally established, until the impatient to give up on the.

2, the stock trading process can be simplified, but basically in line with the stock trading process.

investors to operate their own, the system must be done according to the price first, time first, the principle of automatic transaction, and automatically complete the settlement and delivery, transfer. The operation should be simple, the system function is bound to require detailed, upgrade and maintenance work can be carried out in non trading day, non trading time period. We strive to operate simple, but want to do this project if the person can not complete the automatic authorization, automatic brokered transactions, automatic clearing and delivery, automatic transfer of development of this process will not be done, if the sale process design from the stock trading process, will lose the fun of playing the stock market.

3, the capacity of the database is large, the server should be safe and stable.

website profit:

1, the sale of virtual currency.

2, charge fees

3, you can set the account opening fee, of course, when the initial promotion is not recommended.

4, other value-added services, along with the development of the site will continue to appear.

The significance of

virtual stock exchange project

1, let the market check

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