Entrepreneurial thinking what kind of business partners and entrepreneurial team we need

: This is Zhu Haitao’s second venture, has just experienced a tragic failure. It can be said that every lesson I have spent a lot of money in exchange for. In the beginning of this class, I have at least initially started. I don’t think failure is a bad thing, but to some extent, it is a good thing. If it is too smooth, the cost of late mistakes will be higher. Of course, failure can also bring a lot of side effects, in fact, some people may not be able to afford the consequences of failure. Whether you are starting a business or preparing to start a business, whether or not you have failed, I hope you can look at this article, this is my failure to sum up some experience, to see if there will be any harm.


Three months have passed since I published my article on the

team. Up to now, this article has been viewed nearly 10000 times, the amount of comments in more than and 50, and up to now, has received dozens of resumes. As for the size of the team, is still very small, not to find people, but conscious control. If I need to give my work, I can release the courage, but for the construction of entrepreneurial team, is anxious eat hot tofu. This truth, many of the newly established decision-makers will not understand. In 2015, there are several potential partners is very eager to join, I have been turned down one by one, of course, I did not completely reject, just let them thoroughly to think clearly and make a decision.

what kind of business partners do we need?

I’ve got a couple of resumes. One has joined the team, his personal experience to write well, I have to finish part of an article in the "training, dreaming or making the rich or hoax", from his experience, we can see that he is very eager to join the circle, and then continued to take part in all kinds of land this training, many of which were not in fact the mechanism, specific details, interested to see. Of course, I was impressed with him and not because of the resume, but in his execution and the details of the above, I said three points. First, he went to work every night to work around ninety, and not too much time on weekends. I asked him to write a resume to me, and it was not long before I received a written and detailed resume. When I heard that he participated in a number of training courses, let him write about his experiences, to my surprise, no two days, this article level sent to my mailbox. Second, when my birthday that day, in the space to talk about a hair, he saw immediately sent to the blessing and made a $200 WeChat red envelopes. Third, came to my side, just a few days I was particularly busy, and not busy with their own private affairs. He had the initiative to join in, that day, continuous work for 20 hours, I almost can not carry on, but he insisted on doing things with me. These three things may not seem too difficult, but definitely

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