Google admitted to change the order of human flesh search rankings

Financial Times reported that Google’s Singhal said that their company has a human rating division to control the power of an independent website to prevent the impact of brand awareness on the search engine rankings. The so-called "brand awareness" refers to those companies who have achieved great success in a certain area can use their own advantages to enter other fields which they can not enter. For example, Yahoo and AOL, which has a very high PageRank companies can use their own strong access to new markets, to ensure that their content is more prominent in the search engine results page.


Google said the matter not too fine, I understand, like has a high PageRank, it no matter what the content appears in the Google search front will basically, even a small amount of access to sub section of an article in a copy of the article, the release time this article is more obvious than the original site much later, also because of the strong PageRank in the search results page displayed in the original site before.

actually Google staff certainly can manipulate search results, or even completely a website from the index of the Google library is removed, but before the Google only in violation of the agreement on a website will carry on the punishment, punishment and even their own Google Japan home for 11 months.

below for the reference:


in February 11th last year, Google punished the sale of links to the Google web site (let the blog pay to write gun text), that is,, its PageRank reduced from 9 to 5 as punishment. In January 12, 2010 only readers responded that’s PageRank had returned to 8, and on the last day of the year in the year of 2009, he remembered it was still 5.

11 months is very long, the family are so severely punished enough to reach the "monkey see".

Google himself admits the human operation site’s ranking is certainly a ripple, before Google’s principle: all let the algorithm speak, if the algorithm is not perfect that search results cannot reflect the real situation, then do not manually modify the rankings, but by adjusting the algorithm to achieve the purpose of adjusting the ranking. Because even if you can manually modify a ranking, but you can not manually modify all rankings, only the perfect algorithm to make search results improved. If they are really manipulating the rankings, their response to the European antitrust agencies is a blatant lie.

Google is currently only human flesh to modify some of the strengths of the web site ranking him

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